Blockchain-based Soundcloud Alternative with Monetization

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This article covers a blockchain-based Soundcloud alternative with monetization. There are many online audio distribution and sharing services but nothing could match the openness of Soundcloud. But what Soundcloud lacks is batter navigation of songs. Here is a Soundcloud alternative that combines all the best things of Soundcloud with better navigation and security.

Audius is an online audio distribution and music sharing website which is built on the Blockchain architecture. It provides a decentralized open audio platform where you can distribute audio and share music. It’s a censorship-resistant platform where your song can never be censored or removed. You can make your music profile and create well-detailed albums and share them with the world. You can monetize your content and the audio streaming is HQ 320kbps. So, let’s check it out in details.

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Blockchain-based Soundcloud Alternative with Monetization

When you use Audius for the first time, it asks you to pick at least 3 artists to build your feed. If you are a Spotify or Apple Music audience, don’t expect to see much of your favorite artists there. You’ll find more like independent artist there without any huge music label behind them, just like Soundcloud.

blockchain-based alternative to soundcloud


After your selection, takes you to the platform. The platform has a sorted and modern interface which feels clean and managed. On the left, you get a navigation sidebar from where you can open your profile. Next to the profile, there is a “Discovery” section where you can explore the platform, see your feed, and check what’s trending. Then, there is the “Library” section where you can make playlists and access your favorites and history.

blockchain-based soundcloud alternative

Each section shows the audio/tracks in a one by one card layout. From there, you can play the track, repost it and share with others. Then, there is are more options to favorite the track, add to playlist, visit track page, and visit artist page. The media controls are situated at the bottom with a volume rocker and favorite button next to it.

Apart from the UI, this platform is also nice and well-structured. Each user has a page which is like a minimalistic social media with user’s uploads and reposts.

soundcloud competitor with no censorship

The navigation sidebar has a persistent Upload button which takes you to the Upload section. In the upload section, you can upload your tracks one by one and build a detailed album. While uploading, you can select whether you uploading a track, an album, or a playlist. The track name, genre, mood, tag, description, and artwork are basic information you can add with a track. And, if you go with advanced options, you can pick upload date, add mentions, create track id, and provide license information. This way, you can upload your content to Audius to distribute it with monetization or to freely share it with others.

Give this Soundcloud alternative a try here.

Closing Words:

Audius is a nice platform with a pleasing user interface, well-structured music, and simplicity. It’s a platform made for independent artists and fans without the presence of corporations and major labels. Audius has some advantages over Soundcloud too but in the end, it all depends on the popularity. Soundcloud is a reputed platform whereas Audius is just launch. So, do give it a try and let’s see how it’ll perform in its upcoming days.

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