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SocialLand is a free social networking app that connects you to the 3 popular social networking sites from its single window. You can connect to Facebook, Google Plus and your Twitter profile by just entering the login credentials in the respective window and manage multiple social networking accounts using one software. For those of you who look for a handy, free social networking tool that could help you to connect to your profiles at these social networking sites from a single location this is a pretty good application. Once saved you need not enter the credentials again and again, you would get connected with a single click every time when using this desktop application for social networking.

Installing Social Land

This is a pretty simple app with does not need you to be an expert to install and run on your system. You need to visit the developer’s webpage. After that you just need to click on the link available to download the zip file. It takes a few seconds after which you would have to unzip the files on your preferred folder. The next step is to run the setup.exe file from the list of unzipped files. This initiates the setup process after which you are ready to launch and use this free social networking tool and stay connected. You can also check out Cliqset, and Threadsy reviewed by us.

Using Social Land

After you launch this free social networking tool you are presented with a window divided into three sections. Each of them represents Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus respectively. The initial step is to click on the blank space and insert all the credentials of the corresponding accounts. Once you do so you have the option of saving those credentials so that you need not have to insert them when you use the software again.

After you have saved your passwords the next step is to click on the continue button placed at the bottom right of the main window. Once you click on it all your accounts for the three social networking sites would open in separate windows.

Facebook Window:

When in the Facebook window you would see the latest notifications as it appears when you login to your Facebook profile every time. All the options i.e. Profile, Friend lists, Search, and Messages could be located at the top of the window. Also you can use the other features of Facebook such as sharing a status instantly, check in at a location you are, or like and comment on notifications you like.

Twitter Window:

For the tweet lovers the Twitter Window when opened would give you the feel of the way you had been using Twitter online. The main screen gives you the list of the latest tweets for the people in your connections. At the top you have the option to check out mentions, your own profile, friends, and all that you would have done in your Twitter profile.

Google Plus:

The third window which opens is of your Google plus profile. Like the above two you have the same layout of your Google plus wall with all the recent updates from the people within your circles. You can do everything right from this window which you would have done in your Google Plus profile from your favorite browser.

So, SocialLand brings out all your favorite Social Networking websites at a single window. This means that you could do all that you would have done before by logging from 3 different places right from this software itself.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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