5 Weather Apps For iPhone

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Here are 5 Weather Apps for iPhone, which will give you up to date weather information on your iPhone. We all know that iPhone, iPad or iPod touch comes with Yahoo Weather Widget in-built which also gives you weather information. It shows you weather on your iPhone on the notification screen.

I have chosen 5 Weather Apps for you which are also very good and reliable. The Weather Apps I have chosen are: Solar, WeatherBug, AccuWeather, Weather Underground, and Weather Forecast.

Here is a quick review for all these above mentioned apps. Let us see what each weather app holds for you, and what are the important features of each Weather App.

Solar Weather App For iPhone:

Solar- Weather App for iPhone

Solar is a Weather app for iPhone, which shows the temperature in a very colorful manner. Solar app shows the temperature with the color intensity. The hot the weather, more dark color it uses to indicate the temperature. And similarly for showing the moderate temperature it uses light colors.

This app also shows the weather forecast for next three days, as well as for next 24 hours. For viewing next three-day forecast hold and drag down the weather screen, as you will leave the screen the forecast will also get removed. To see the weather forecast for next 24 hours, hold and drag the weather page upward. As you keep moving up you can see the weather change with different color transitions. Tap once on the weather screen, you will see the temperature just by the colour transition effects.

You can also see the weather information for other cities of the world. Double tap the weather screen to add the new city to your Solar App, and you can also see the temperature for all cities you have added to Solar App.

Get Solar from here.


WeatherBug- Weather App for iPhone

WeatherBug is another nice Weather App for iPhone. With this app you can see the change in weather per hour for complete week. This weather app also shows you weather forecast for next 10 days. So if you have planned your trip in next 10 days, you can check if the coming week will be sunny or cloudy, or it will rain or there will be heavy snowfall. This app also gives you other information like any weather change alert.

WeatherBug also gives you other services like wind direction and speed, dew point, humidity, pressure, your location on a radar map. This app also shows the weather forecast according to the daily life activities. You can also see photos and videos from cameras around your location.

You can also add other locations from where you want to see the weather updates. Add new locations from top right icon of the weather page. And to see the weather options tap on the top left icon on the weather screen.

Get WeatherBug Here.


AccuWeather - Weather App for iPhone

AccuWeather is another nice weather app for iPhone which will show you the current weather conditions along with wind direction and speed, and other weather information according to your location. You can also share your weather update on Facebook and Twitter or via Email. If it seems like this app is showing too much information on one page then you can also drag down the wind information page.

Like WeatherBug app, Accuweather app also shows weather updates for next 10 days, but it shows hourly weather update for next 24 hours only.

You can also see weather information for other cities of the world. Just tap on the name of your current city to see options to add more cities. From more option tab you can access other services of AccuWeather like news, videos, and weather information according to daily lifestyle. You can also change the settings from here.

Get AccuWeather here.

Weather Underground:

Weather Underground  - Weather App for iPhone

Weather Underground is a weather app for iPhone, with which you will get all the weather information regarding your current location.

On the homepage you can see the current weather conditions along with weather update for next 10 days. If you swap the current weather screen portion, you can also see other weather forecast for next few days. With this app you can also see the hourly weather information for coming week.

This app also provides other services like map, radio weather, and weather conditions for skiing and tropical regions.

Get Weather Underground Here.

Weather Forecast:

- Weather App for iPhone

Weather Forecast is a nice looking weather app for iPhone. This app was earlier known as Daily Weather Forecast. The app is beautifully designed with a beautiful layout. This Weather app for iPhone is simple yet provides all the information regarding weather forecast. The app comes with a basic colored background screen but you can also choose to add an image as background image for each city that you have added to your Weather Forecast page.

On the homepage you will see the temperature along with the weather information for next 3 days, and if you scroll up the homepage you can see the weather information for next 9 days (10 days including today). And on the bottom of the homepage you will see wind speed and direction with beautiful animations.

You can also add more cities from the top left corner and change the very basic settings from the top right corner of the screen. 

Get Weather Forecast Here.

These are few of the Weather Apps which you can add to your iPhone. All Weather apps are quite efficient and beautiful in their own way. The best thing about all the Weather apps I have discussed above, is that these all will work in almost all countries of the world and are free. And these apps keep on updating themselves in a fixed duration of time ands when ever you will open any of these apps these will first refresh themselves and will always show you the latest weather update.

Excellent apps, choose anyone, and share your experience with us.

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