4 Online Stereogram Maker Websites Free

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A Stereogram is a computer generated image that gives a 3D representation of an object. It uses a 2D depth map image with a textured image on top. This gives you a wrong depth perception by shifting the view using patterns and gives an illusion of being 3D.

In this article, I covered 4 free online stereogram maker websites. With these websites, you can generate stereogram by adding a mask and a pattern. Most of these websites provide you with a variety of masks and pattern that you can use in your stereogram. Whereas, some websites also let you use/create your own masks and patterns. So, let’s check them out.

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4 Online Stereogram Maker Websites Free:


online stereogram maker

EasyStereogramBuilder is one of the best websites to make stereogram online for free. The process of making stereogram involves two simple steps here. In the first step, you have to add a pattern for the stereogram. For that, you can either choose a pattern image from a variety of 176 images provided by this website or upload your own.

The second step is to add a mask. This website offers 210 different masking images which you can use in your stereogram. You can also upload your own image along with a mask and use that in the stereogram. Or, you can create a text-based mask instead.

After adding the desired pattern and mask, you can generate a  stereogram by clicking the Stereogram button. This gives you a link which takes you to a new tab and shows you the stereogram. From there, you can download the stereogram image from the right-click context menu.

Make stereogram online with this website here.


free online stereogram maker

The next website to make stereogram online has a project named mySIS where you can make your own stereogram by creating a new project. This online tool first creates a text-based mask for the stereogram. For that, you have to add some text along with an email id. You can change the scale of the text and set the position by mentioning axis coordinates and rotate angles.

On the next screen, this tool generates a mask from the text and shows it to you. If everything is okay, you can move to the next step, otherwise, go back to the previous step for retouching. Then, in the next step, you can choose a pattern for the stereogram and define the border emphasis for it. When you submit your selection, this tool generates a stereogram for you which you can save as a JPG image.

Give this online stereogram maker website here.


online stereogram maker free

Flash-Gear provides a free online stereogram maker tool. This tool required Flash to run, so, make sure Flash is enabled in your web browser. Unlike, other tools, in this tool, you can draw the mask. It gives you a canvas area with a brush tool with various sizes and colors options. Using this brush tool, you can draw a mask for the stereogram.

When your mark is ready, simply click the Done button present on the toolbar and this tool will generate a stereogram for you by automatically picking a random pattern. Since, this tool is Flash-based, so, you can not download the stereogram. But you can share it by its URL. Also, This tool gives you an embed code to add the stereogram on a webpage.

Try this free online stereogram maker here.


make stereogram online

Sasibak.com offers a free online custom stereogram maker tool where you can create stereogram on nature, love, art, flowers, friends, funny things, and more. All these options are available as Depth Info (mask) for the stereogram. You can choose any of those options as a mask for the stereogram and also add text, set, or groove.

Then, you can choose a pattern image for the stereogram from the given options. You can also add text on the pattern image as well. After adding all the information, you can generate the stereogram

Here you can create your custom made stereogram on anything; love, friends, nature, art, flowers, funny things, religion, initials of you or your favorite team, etc. You can design using preassembled pictures for hidden depth image or repeating pattern image, or you can use text options.

You can try this online stereogram maker here.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 free online stereogram maker websites. With these websites, you can easily make custom stereogram and share them with others. Check them out yourself and share your opinions with us in the comments.

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