Online Autism Test For Toddlers To Know The Early Signs Of ASD

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This article covers 5 free websites with Autism Test For Toddlers. These online autism tests help you know the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a young child.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often show repetitive behavior and difficulty in communication and interaction with others. The symptoms of autism vary from child to child. By taking these autism tests, you would be aware of ASD symptoms that can help you notice the signs of autism at an early age. You can read more on Autism Spectrum Disorder here.

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Here Are 5 Websites With Free Autism Test For Toddlers:

AutismSpeaks is an organization dedicated to promoting solutions for Autism Spectrum Disorder. It offers a scientifically validated M-CHAT-R autism test for toddlers aged between 16 to 30 months. This test is available in several languages.

The test has two sections. In the first section, it asks your relationship with the child along with some basic information about the child. This step is not mandatory; you can skip it if you want to. autism test for toddlers

The second section contains 20 questions related to child’s behavior and habits. When you finish all these questions, it shows you a review of the test. If you like to change any of your answers, you can do that here. After reviewing all your answers, submit the test to get the result. It shows you the test score which indicates the level of ASD risk in a child. If you get a score of 2 or more, it recommends you to make an appointment for a further evaluation. You also get an option to print the test along with answers and score.

Take AutismSpeaks’s Autism Test For Toddlers here. provides information on health and wellness topics. Here, you can get advice from a healthy diet to health insurance plans. It has an autism screening quiz which can help you know if a child has Autism Spectrum Disorder or not. autism test for toddlers

The quiz contains 20 questions which ask you about the child’s day to day habits, behavior, and past habits. Mark the most relevant answer for each question. As soon as you finish marking the last question, it instantly shows you the results. This quiz does not have a scoring scheme, instead, it tells you whether there are any possible signs of autism in the child or not. It also gives you advice on what to do next based on the results.

Take VeryWell’s Autism Test For Toddlers here.

AutismCanada is a Canadian organization that supports and advocate for people with autism. The vision of AutismCanada is try to improve the life of people living with ASD. autism test for toddlers has an Autism Spectrum Disorder screening tool for toddlers with age between 16 to 30 months. This autism test for toddlers contains 20 question statements which you have to answer in Yes or No. These statements ask you how the child usually behaves and how he/she react to day to day situations. Based on your responses, it scores your test out of 20. According to their score scheme, for 0-2 score, there is a low risk of ASD. For 3-7 score, the ASD risk rises up to medium. And, for 8-20 score, there is a high risk of ASD, and in that case, it recommends for immediate diagnostic evaluation.

Take AutismCanada’s Autism Test For Toddlers here. provides free access to academically validated psychological assessment tools. It offers automatic scoring tests, and questionnaires on various psychological concerns. autism test for toddlers

It has a Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (CAST) for ASD evaluation in a child. This test is generated by the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. The test contains 39 yes or no evaluation questions which asks you about the usual behavior, past habits and current habits of the child. Based on your responses to those questions, it gives you a score out of 31.

Take Psychology-Tools’s Autism Test For Toddlers here. is a website of a New York based Child Neurology and Developmental Center that has tests and articles on various psychological and neurological concerns. It has an ASD Assessment Screening Questionnaire which helps you know the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder in a child. autism test for toddlers

The test has four segments which ask you about the usual behavior and habits of the child. These four segments are:

  • Social Interaction Difficulties (15 Questions)
  • Speech and Language Delay (14 Questions)
  • Abnormal Symbolic or Imaginary Play (15 Questions)
  • Behavioral Difficulties

When you submit the responses, it gives you a total score along with a warning that says “this is not a final diagnostic determination”. The score between 0-50 implies no ASD, the score between 50-100 implies mild ASD, the score between 100-150 implies moderate ASD and the score above 150 implies severe ASD.

Take ChildBrain’s Autism Test For Toddlers here.

Final Verdict:

The symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) varies with children. A child is not likely to show every symptom of ASD precisely. However, these tests can help to know the early signs of ASD in a child.

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