5 Free Search Engines for Blogs to Discover Interesting Topics and Posts

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A Blog is sort of a Discussion or an Informational website that consists of distinct posts presented in an informal pattern.

Blog posts give you a platform to publish your thoughts, insights and opinions etc. about any topic that you may be interested in. Businesses too, use Blogs to boost their brand awareness, credibility and to drive traffic to their websites.

In this article, I will be listing and discussing about 5 Free Search Engines for Blogs using which you can locate interesting topics and posts.

1. Blog Surf:

This is a search engine which searches for blog posts filtered by a certain time frame (past week, past month, past year, all time etc.) and length, based on estimated time to read the post. The search results give you an estimate on the number of words in the post and the date on which it was published. A handy directory of frequent searches and keywords has been provided for assistance to the visitor.

You can click on ‘Submit Blog’ to submit your own blog or any other that you may find interesting, so that searches on Blog Surf can take them into account. Click on ‘Blog Rankings’ or ‘Best Posts’ to know more about the Top Blogs and Posts discovered by Blog Surf. If you are a researcher and require the full text of their blog post data, you can click on ‘Dataset’ and request them for a download.

All in all, Blog Surf is a simple, no-frills Blog Search Engine and help you to locate blog posts on a certain topic easily and quickly.

Click here to navigate to Blog Surf

Blog Surf

2. ContentIdeas:

This Search Engine searches for top performing blog content around the web. Their highlight is the long list of Curated Topics that have been neatly categorized into Arts and Entertainment, Technology, Health, Travel and many more.

ContentIdeas allows the usage of multiple keywords with Boolean operators for efficient and fast searching.

When you search for a topic, the number of results is displayed and can be filtered by a certain time frame and also by the number of times the posts have been shared on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This helps you to actually spot popular content for a certain topic.

In each search result, hovering your mouse on ‘Engagement’, gives you the count of how many times the post has been shared on various platforms. The results also give you an idea of how may ‘influencers’ have shared the post.

You can click on the ‘Share’ icon to share any post on multiple social media channels using ContentStudio as well as copy the link (URL) to the Blog Post and share it with others.

Overall, ContentIdeas is a powerful search engine to locate Blog Posts that are very popular and trending on Social Media. If you are a Blogger, ContentIdeas can really help you to find popular topics to write new content and get noticed immediately.

To use ContentIdeas, click on this link



3. Blogorama:

This is one of the oldest Blog directories around and boasts of millions of active blog listings. If you are a Blogger, you can Sign Up and submit your posts too.

The Search results only provide the date on which the post was published without any information on the popularity or engagement. You can Click on the Hamburger icon to view the long Directory of topics curated by Blogorama like Books and Literature, Politics, Spirituality, Technology and more.

Blogorama also provides Premium and Business packages if you are interested in advertising and marketing your posts.

Although this is a very old search engine, but not as powerful as ContentIdeas. It can be an effective blog search tool but lacks the important aspect of finding out the engagement and popularity of a certain post.

Click here to navigate to Blogorama and search for blogs.


4. The Blog Search:

This is a very simple Blog Search Engine without any added features or the usual accompaniments. It was basically designed to search for Blogs on the popular Blogging Platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot and many more.

Like earlier, this tool only gives the date of publication of the post in the search results without an insight into its popularity on social media platforms.

Overall, The Blog Search is a decent tool to search for Blog Posts, but not useful if you are interested in researching on the currently trending topics and their engagement on social media channels.

Click here and you will be taken to ‘The Blog Search’

The Blog Search

5. AllTop:

This is a different type of Blog Search Engine in that you cannot actually search for any Blog Posts using a keyword. This website actually aggregates all of the top news and information in real time with carefully crafted topics that allow you to see what’s happening quickly from trusted sources.

AllTop presents you a list of Post categories like News, Technology and Sports etc. along with Curated Topics for each category. Once the topic is selected, it displays the Most Popular stories on that topic in addition to the Top sites which are writing about that particular topic.

An outstanding feature of this website is that you can Sign Up to AllTop and create your own customized page (using RSS feeds) displaying the favorite websites and their topics as per your choice.


Blogs can also be searched and located on the popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing but there lies a problem due to the decentralized nature of online writing in that, every Blogger writes on their own platform, and there is no central place that brings all of this content together. Moreover popular search engines always give preference to large media publications over blogs in their search results. Hence the above blog Search Engines are really helpful in order to overcome this issue.

To visit AllTop, click on this link

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