5 Free Instagram Bio Generator Websites using AI

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An Instagram Bio is a small summary comprising a maximum of 150 characters that is located beneath your username on the Instagram Profile page. It is generally used to highlight essential information about yourself, your business, brand name etc. The bio can include one external hyperlink, hashtags, a username that is separate from your Instagram handle (@user), a short description, contact information, emojis and more.

The Instagram Bio is the first and the main thing that visitors look for when deciding whether they should follow you on Instagram or not. It is like a valuable piece of real estate that welcomes the visitors to your profile, conveys strategic information and turns visitors into followers and probably followers into customers.

In this article we will be exploring 5 AI-based Instagram Bio generators that you can easily use to produce Bio ideas to wow your potential clients and target audience.

1. Rytr

Rytr is a powerful and popular AI Writing Assistant that you can use to generate Blog ideas, Product descriptions, Business ideas, Call to Action, Testimonial reviews, Profile Bios for your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and much more.

Just Sign-in to Rytr using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account and choose the ‘Use Case’ as Profile Bio from the drop-down list. Select the Language,  Tone and Creativity Level from the respective dropdowns, choose the number of Variants that you require and finally click on ‘Ryte for me’.

In a couple of seconds, Rytr will generate the Bio for you through its AI text generation model with a count of the number of words and characters. You can copy and paste the bio in your Instagram Profile after some modifications if required.

Click here to navigate to Rytr.


2. AI Social Bio

This AI-based bio generator is actually tailored for Twitter but you can use it for Instagram as well. The working is very simple and straightforward. Type a maximum of 3 keywords in the ‘Keyword field’, choose a suitable Influencer from the ones that are displayed such as Teacher Bio, Credibility Bio, Entrepreneur Bio and more and then click on ‘Create’.

The website will generate the content for the Bio in a while that you can concise and modify there and then and use it in your Instagram profile.

To visit AI Social Bio, click here.

AI Social Bio

AI Social Bio

3. Starter Story

Let’s move on to the next Instagram Bio Generator called Starter Story which allows you to choose your Vibe and automatically adds Emojis to your Bio if required.

Just type 3-4 words on who you are and what you do in Step 1 and then a few details about yourself, any awards or recognition that you may have achieved etc in the Step 2. Choose your Vibe like Cool, Creative, Unique etc and select if you require Emojis in the Bio. Finally click on ‘Create New Bio’ that you can copy and use in your Instagram profile.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Bios generated by Starter Story. It just seemed to copy the words that I used in the 2 steps with some minor modifications while creating the Bio.

Click here to try out Starter Story.

Starter Story

4. Caption Land

This is a different type of a website that you can use to generate cool, funny and savage bios for your Instagram Profile without any input from your side. All that you must do is click the ‘Generate’ button and the Caption Land will go on generating epic Instagram Bios for you automatically with each click. You can copy and paste any Bio on your Instagram Profile with some modifications if required.

Over a hundred Bios are added daily to Caption Land to enhance your experience and provide a rich collection. If you are a person that prefers to have cool and casual Instagram Bios, then this website will prove to be very handy for you.

Click here to head towards Caption Land

Caption Land

5. Copy Writer

Lets come to the last website for automated Instagram Bio generation, that we will be exploring. There is no difference as far as the process is concerned. Just type a few words about yourself, a Call to Action if required, and then choose the Tone of the text such as Friendly, Bold, Professional, Empathetic and more. Click on ‘Generate’ and in a few seconds Copy Writer will provide you with 3 Instagram Bios that you can choose from. You can modify any Bio there itself using the respective text boxes, click on ‘Copy’ and go on and paste it in your Instagram Profile. Click on ‘Generate More’ if you aren’t satisfied with the ones that have been presented.

Copy Writer generates pretty lengthy Bios that you must modify and concise to bring it to the 150-character limit.

Click here to Navigate to Copy Writer.

Copy Writer

Closing Words:

Try out all of the above Instagram Bio Generators listed by us and see which one is most appealing and suited for you. My vote for the best website for automatic Bio generation will go to Rytr as it was able to generate high-quality, creative, and engaging content in just a few seconds. On the other hand, if you are interested in casual Instagram Bios with savage content, then Caption Land will be the ideal choice. Let me know what you feel by dropping a comment.

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