Broadcast Yourself In 15 Seconds: Tout Video Messaging App for Android

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“Have something in mind!!?? Shout it on Tout!!!” But with a Video message. Tout is a video messaging app for Android and iOS where you can broadcast video messages to your followers. This is the era of social networking. And Tout is a new social networking app, made only for smart phones (but you can also update from your PC). Tout is a very similar app to Twitter the only small difference is, on twitter you need to write a message, (the status update) and you have got just 160 words. But in Tout app you don’t need to write anything , yes, you wont write a single word. Here on “Tout” you will broadcast your video message. A video status update. Now big new networks like New York Times, CNN, BBC, WWE, FOX News and many other networks are using Tout app to broadcast news.


You Have Got 15 Seconds!!!!

Like on twitter you have 160 character length , on Tout you have got 15 seconds to broadcast yourself. Yes just 15 seconds and it is becoming very famous among Android users and  iPhone users. Here every video is only of 15 second length. That means if you have to deliver a message on tout or “shout”on tout you have got only 15 seconds. In this way your message is also not big and the the other user will find it easy to see your message as it is very small. These days the news networks are using Tout to deliver news in a short message via video that is just a “tout”. Watch the Tout Phenomenon in action here.

check the tout

Shout on Tout!!!

Getting Tout on your phone is very easy. It is easily available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on iPhone and other apple devices. Every time a tout is broadcast a pop up is shown on your device. You can check it out. Now you feel like replying or giving your view on some post. Now your reply will also be in the form of a video and this video will also be of 15 seconds. So what ever is in your mind “Shout it on Tout”. And yes!!! You have got just 15 seconds.

"shout" from your pc

I Liked…

Tout is a revolutionary social networking app. It has changed the way people make their status update. It allows you to broadcast your video message rather than a simple “text update”. As nowadays every one is busy, so 15 seconds idea is better to get and deliver as much information in less time. If you don’t have Android or Apple you need not worry you can log in to the site and can upload your video, but remember the time limitation!!

Tout from your PC

I Disliked :(

Yeah no doubt this is a very good and new social networking app. Has changed the way we used to have our status updates. But the only thing that I didn’t like about Tout is its limitation of available platforms. It is only available on Android and Apple Stores. It is not even available on Blackberry, Windows and Symbian devices.

Final “Shout”

If you are have Android or Apple phone you must check out this app. Update your status with a video. Get updates from your favorite channels. Yeah your friends who are not using Android or Apple may not get you here. But they can follow you on their PC. Create a new account or join it using Facebook upload your videos from your PC or smartphone and get started.log in to tout


Get this new app for you Android phones here, and Apple users click here.

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Works With: Android 2.3 and up
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