Free Fast Image Viewer with Support for Keyboard Shortcuts: Maverick Photo Viewer

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Maverick Photo Viewer is a free image viewer that supports hotkeys to perform various operations like resizing image size, changing brightness/gamma of an image, unlimited zoom in and zoom out, etc. You can use this free image viewer to view almost all of your pictures as it supports 36 file formats. It supports 2 image viewing modes: Fit to Window and Original size. It can also be used for converting images by using its “Save as” feature.


This free image viewer does not support viewing images by opening them from its application window. For viewing images through it, you need to either make it a default image viewer or you can drag and drop images on it. You can choose to view your images either in fullscreen mode or original size. You can also rotate your images clockwise and anti-clockwise and flip them horizontally or vertically.

Features of this free image viewer

  • Simple interface and fast performance.
  • You can view almost all of your images, as it supports 36 file formats.
  • You can easily perform various image operations through its customizable hotkeys.
  • Supports 2 image viewing modes: Fit to Screen and Original Size.
  • Supports Windows Shell Integration.
  • You can set it as default image viewer too.
  • You can also use this free image viewer for converting image file formats by using its “Save As” feature.
  • You can also save any image in ICO format (32 x 32) by using its “Save as favicon” feature.
  • It can also display EXIF metadata (Camera used, shutter speed, etc).

The best feature of this free image viewer is that it supports basic image operations like resizing, rotation, flipping either horizontally or vertically, etc through single customizable keystrokes.

Some of its default keys for these operations are:

  • Toggle fullscreen: Enter
  • Next Photo: Space
  • Previous Photo: B
  • First Photo: Home
  • Last Photo: End
  • Fit to Screen: Num *
  • Original Size: /
  • Zoom in: Num +
  • Zoom out: Num –
  • Left: Left
  • Right: Right
  • Up:Up
  • Down: Down
  • File Info: N
  • Delete Photo: Del
  • Rotate Left: F6
  • Rotate Right: F7
  • Save As: Control + W
  • Quit: Esc
  • Options: Control + O
  • Sort by name: Control + 1
  • Sort by date: Control + 2
  • Sort by size: Control + 3
  • Copy file path: Control + C
  • Toggle sort direction: Control + R
  • Popup menu: M
  • Save: Control + S
  • Convert to Grayscale: G
  • Resize to 2160px height: J
  • Resize to 1080px height: K
  • Resize to 720px height: L
  • Resize to custom: P
  • Reload Original: O
  • Gamma + : Control + Num+
  • Gamma – : Control + Num-
  • Gamma original: Control + /
  • Brightness + : Shift + Num +
  • Brightness – : Shift + Num-
  • Brightness Original : Shift + /
  • Contrast + : Alt + Num+
  • Contrast – : Alt + Num-
  • Contrast Original: Alt + /
  • Flip horizontal: F
  • Flip Vertical: Shift + F
  • Set As Wallpaper: Shift + W

You can view most of your images through it as it supports 36 file formats. It supports following file formats.

  • BMP
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PDS
  • PCX
  • PGM
  • XBM
  • PPM
  • JP2
  • IFF
  • ICO
  • HDR
  • DDS
  • JXR
  • MNG
  • PBM
  • PICT
  • RAS
  • TIFF
  • WBMP
  • WEBM
  • CUT
  • FAXG3
  • SGI
  • RAW
  • PFM
  • PCX
  • PCD
  • EXR
  • DDS


I really liked this free image viewer because of its simple and fast user interface. It would have been better if it supported opening pictures from its application window. It really fastens your speed in viewing images as well as modifying their attributes (like, gamma, zoom, etc.) using keyboard shortcuts. However, this image viewer can’t be compared with Windows Photo viewer because it lags sometimes in displaying GIF files.┬áIf all you are looking for is a simple image viewer with support for keyboard shortcuts, you can definitely try this out.

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