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Here is a list of free online baby names generator websites. These websites will help you find the perfect name for your baby. You can find unique baby names by entering the starting and ending letters. Search results can be further refined by entering the length of name and number of syllables. You can generate baby names by mixing up two names and can search baby names by origin. You can easily find unique baby names using these websites to generate baby names.

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Best Little Baby

This unique baby names generator website will help you generate unique baby names by mixing the letters of two names. This is perfect to generate baby name from parents’ names. Enter two names, and it will mix the letters of these names to give you new unique baby names with common letters. It also gives you an option to select the origin of the name according to language. It has a list of more than 50 languages. You can also sort the names by gender. It will give you a list of baby names which have common letters with parents’ names. Baby girl names will show in pink color with female gender symbol, and baby boy names will show in the blue color and male gender symbol.

Best Little Baby Search - Baby Names by origin

Click on a baby name from the list, and you will get a details table of that name. The table has four columns: Name Info, Popularity, Personality, and Name Image.

Name Info: Name Info tells you the meaning and the pronunciation of that name. You can also download and listen the audio of pronunciation.

Popularity: It will tell you, how popular a name is. It will show you how many babies born in last year have the same name, and will also show the rank of that name on this website.

Personality: Personality will show you the Name Acronym. It will also tell you the Expression Number and Soul Urge Number of the name.

search - online baby names generator

Name Image: If the name you selected resembles any physical thing in the world, it will show an image of that thing with the name written on it.

In case you are having twins, this website can help you with that too. It has a twin baby names generator, where you can generate names for twins. All you have to do is, select the gender of the babies and select origin. It will give you two matching twin names.

twins - Baby Names Generator

Go to Best Little Baby.

Baby Name Wizard

If you are looking for precise name suggestions, then this baby names generator website is the perfect place for you. Here you can customize the search to get unique baby names. You can customize the search by selecting baby’s gender and customizing the following options:

Length And Letter Preferences

Here, you can set the starting letter and ending letter for the names. You can also set multiple letters in these fields by separating them with commas. Minimum and maximum letters length and number of syllables for the baby names can be set as well. Here, you can also assign a letter sequence that you want in unique baby names.

BabyNameWizard - unique baby names

Style And Preferences

This option has fourteen terms, such as, Traditional, Contemporary, International, Nickname, Non-standard Spelling, Saint, Jewish, Muslim, etc. You can select which of these you require and which you want to exclude in the baby names search results. There is an “any” option, which will show you results that may or may not be affected by these terms.

BabyNameWizard1 - unique baby names generator

Popularity And Preferences

In the popularity preferences, you can choose how popular names you want in search results. Popularity is current US popularity and popularity options are: Very Popular, Popular, Somewhat Popular, Somewhat Uncommon, Uncommon, and Rare. You can select any or all of these to refine your baby names search.

When you click on a name from the search results, it will give a brief information about that name. It will show you the pronunciation of the name and popularity of the name over time in the US. It will also give you some related name suggestions.

details - baby names generator

Go to Baby Name Wizard.

Baby Name Genie

This website has baby names generator with last name option. You can generate first name or generate middle name of a baby by last name. The text on this site is placed like a genie is assisting you. It has three options for generating baby names:

Baby Names Generator

In this option, all you have to do is, enter the last name of the baby and select baby’s gender. You can choose Surprise Me option under gender, which will give you mixed results. It only shows you one name in the results without any details.

baby name generator with last name

Baby Middle Name Generator

If you are looking for a middle name for your baby, you can easily do that here. Enter the first and last name, select the gender, and click on Get Baby Middle Names. It will initially show you three results with a button below to get more baby middle names. There is another button to change the first name choice, which will take you back to the baby middle name generator page.

online baby names generator

Baby First Name Generator

You can search for a first name for the baby in the Baby First Name Generator option. The only difference between this option and the very first option is that, it is a first name generator by both middle and last name. Here you can enter both middle and last names of the baby and it will find first names, which are suitable with entered middle and last name.

baby name generator with last name

This website will give you three results and will also show how that name can be written in short. You can browse popular baby names on this website. And you can also get baby middle name advice, which will help you get a perfect middle name for your baby.cute baby names

Go to Baby Name Genie.

Mums Net

This baby name generator website is made by parents for parents. It contains information and experiences of other parents on baby, parenting, and pregnancy. You can search for baby names by entering a name or by letters. It has a fun baby names generator option, where you can generate unique baby names by selecting different parameters.

online baby names generator

These parameters are:

My baby will be a…

Here, you can choose what your baby will become in future. There are many options to choose from, such as, Film Director, Scientist, DJ, Computer Geek, High Court Judge, Tax Inspector, etc.

My baby will shop at…

This option contains various famous markets which you can select.

My baby will wear…

Here, you can select what your baby will wear. The list contains various famous cloth brands and dresses.

My baby’s favorite biscuits… 

You can choose your baby’s favorite biscuits from the list, which has the names of various types of biscuits, such as, Duchy Originals, Choco Liebniz, Chocolate HobNobs, Custard Cream, etc.

You can choose each of these parameters and it will suggest you baby names based on that. Boy names and girl names will be shown in different columns. When you click on a name from the name search results, it will show origin and meaning of that name. And it also suggests a nick name. In case this website does not have some information about a name, it gives an option to submit that information. You can submit meaning of that name, nicknames, etc. This website also has a column where it shows Name of the Day and list of  Top Names.

meaning of name

Go to Mums Net.

Baby Center

This website serves as both baby names finder as well as baby names generator. You can find baby names by selecting the gender and popularity.

online baby names generator

Click on down arrow above the search button and it will bring options for baby names generator. Here you can generate baby names based on the following terms:

unique baby names generator

Name Meaning: You can search for baby names by entering the meaning, like strong, happy, graceful, etc.

Origin: Here, select the origin of the name, and it will sort out the baby names by your origin.

Theme: You can select any theme on which you want your baby’s name based on. This list contains themes like Traditional, Western, Hipster, Musical, Southern, Unique, etc.

And further, you can enter the starting and ending letters, along with syllables to get precise results. In the search results, it will show the meaning of name and popularity of the name in year-wise fashion.

meaning of names

Go to Baby Center.

Name Generator

This website lets you generate unique baby names based on various things from your life. It suggests you baby names based on your ancestor’s names, the place where baby was conceived, your favorite car company, your favorite phone brand, etc.

unique baby names generator

It lets you choose what kind of name you want for your baby such as, poetic, great leader, evil, etc. You can pre-sort the search results by setting the popularity, and by specifying the beginning letter, ending letters and letters that name should have.

baby names generator

The search results will give you very unique and uncommon names. The website explains why it showing you a particular name. For example, in the screenshot attached below, the first suggestion is “Cade Rita Morgan”. The search is driven by the surname “Morgan”. It explains “Cade” name had shared background with the “Morgan” surname. And “Rita” is chosen after a family member.

baby names by origin

Go to Name Generator.

Alex Davey Hipster Baby Names Generator

This website lets you generate very uncommon names for your baby. It asks you to select your baby’s sleeping habits from some very weird limited options. Like how your baby fall asleep at night; after watching TV, after updating Instagram, etc., which doesn’t seem to be a baby’s habit at all.

unique baby names

Along with sleeping habits, it also asks you to select eating habits of your baby which again seems weird because the food options in the list are for grown ups not for the babies. Well, it also asks for baby’s surname for a better match.

best baby names generator

It generates one four words name. The name is also pretty weird same as the options for generating the names. Guess, it’s a hipster name generator website, so that explains a lot. By the way, you can tweet the name on Twitter right from the website.

hipster baby names

Go to Alex Davey.

Closing Words:

All these websites are pretty good in suggesting baby names. These websites have few common and few unique parameters for generating the unique baby names. You can easily find unique baby names using these websites.

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