Free tool to Host Websites on Google Drive and OneDrive with Custom Domain

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DrivetoWeb is a Free Online Utility that allows you to Host Web Sites on popular Cloud Drives like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive without the need to maintain a web server any longer.

DrivetoWeb supports full HTML sites with CSS, Javascript and more with media files of various types that can be stored in the Cloud drives. This provides a great advantage especially to students, educators, individuals etc. over conventional web hosting services that require money and a lot of technical know-how to host websites.

How it Works:

Publishing your websites using DrivetoWeb comprises the following simple steps:

1. Upload your website folder to Google Drive or OneDrive. You can store multiple website files in multiple folders.

2. Share the folder that contains your websites files and grant it public access.

3. Navigate and Sign in to DrivetoWeb and select the Cloud Drive where you have hosted your website. You will have to login using the proper credentials and grant the necessary permissions to DrivetoWeb to access your cloud.

Select cloud service

4. DrivetoWeb will now locate the index.html pages in the Share folders and automatically create the links for you. If you have uploaded multiple website files in different folders with index.html pages, DrivetoWeb will create a link for each and every folder.

Admin Panel with website links

5 . The link is formed using a combination of an automatically assigned name for your website as a prefix to ‘’ domain plus the name of the shared website folder where you have saved the files. You can change the automatic name by clicking on the ‘Your site name’ field, modifying it and clicking on ‘Set Site Name’. For example, if you have named your website as mypersonalwebsite and the name of the website folder is ‘Website1’, then the link will be generated as ‘’. For multiple websites, only the name of the folder will change while the name of the site will remain constant.

Set site name

Website name changed

6 . You can now share the link to your website with others for immediate access.

Website example

Final comments:

After testing DrivetoWeb, I found that the process is extremely simple and automated and works very easily. You just need to test your website using any editor before uploading its files to the cloud folder. Go ahead and host your own websites without the need for any conventional web hosting servers.

Click here to navigate to DrivetoWeb and start hosting.

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