5 Free Drum Lessons Websites

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Here are 5 free Drum lessons websites for those who have never learnt playing Drums, yet wish to and also for those who want to practice playing virtual Drums. These websites provide you free Drum lessons, drum notes, play virtual drums, learn to play Drums, video drum lessons, drum beats, aware of drum kit, basically let you become a Drum master. Lets get into each Drum kit.

Free Drum Lessons

Free Drum Lessons is one of the most popular websites that serves you with free Drum lessons. This free website provides a complete drummer education that includes drum lessons, video drum lessons, famous drummer bios, and more. There is a complete team of drums instructor that helps you keep informed about drums related topics.


The free drum lessons has been categorized into various chapters, starting from beginner drum lessons to intermediate drum lessons to advanced. You can learn how to play drums. Video drum lessons are given that helps you to understand playing drums clearly. Go ahead and take free drum lessons..!

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Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming is an excellent website for those who do not have their own Drum Set or Drum Kit. The website lets you play drums in real-time. The website comes up with a complete Drum set to let you play drums  while learning.

virtual drums

Virtual Drumming serves you with online drum lessons, drum sheet music, drum games with virtual drums. It provides you a series of basic and advanced drum lessons with a virtual drummer as your drum teacher. a must for all drum lovers. Go ahead and practice drums in real-time..!

Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons is another popular website that serves you free Drum Lessons. These free drum lessons show you how to play drum with complete confidence, no matter whether you are a complete beginner, or a long-time drummer looking for new drum beats and fills.


The free Drum lessons have been categorized into different areas such as “Beginner Lessons”, Intermediate Lessons, Advanced Lessons, Live Drum Lessons, Drum Solo & Play-Alongs, Single Stroke Rudiments, and more. In addition, you will also come across various video drum lessons that will help you learn playing drums in a better way. Go ahead and take Drum Lessons…!

Teach Me Drums

Teach Me Drums is yet another powerful website that provides Drum Lessons. The website does not have unnecessary mess in the sense that the content has been added point to point with three different levels; Beginner, Level Two and Advanced. Each level has its own drum video along with theoretical part.

In addition, this free drum lessons website has one extra category “Insane” that includes a Drum video providing a complete demo of playing drums. Once you have crossed all the three levels of drum lessons, this video is very beneficial for a masters in drum playing. Go ahead, take drum lessons and teach yourself how to play drums..!

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Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least Drum lessons website, DrumBum. The website consists of various Drum related glossary such as Drum & Bass, Drum Fills, Drum solos, Drum Tuning and many more. The website has less content as it has drum video with each drum lesson.


With DrumBum, it is very easy to learn Drum glossary, Drum beats, Drum Fills, and the like. DrumBum is a must visiting website for each drummer..Go ahead and become a master in playing Drums..!

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