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Here are 5 free websites to open DAT file online. A DAT file is a generic data file used to store data by a specific software/application. These files usually contain input and output data. Depending on the DAT file and the software, some DAT files can be easily opened whereas some DAT files can’t.

Apart from that, there is one other type of DAT file called Winmail DAT file. The Winmail DAT files generally appear in emails. This happens when a sender uses an email client with Rich Text Format such as Microsoft Outlook and the recipient’s inbox is not set up to support or handle that. In such cases, the recipient gets a Winmail.dat attachment containing the Rich Text Format data.

This article covers websites to open DAT file online. The first two websites are for Winmail.dat files only. You can upload a Winmail.dat file to these websites and access the content inside. The next two websites are to open DAT files with generic software data. And, the last website is an online converter where you can convert a DAT file to DOCX or other file formats. So, let’s check out these websites one by one.

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open winmail dat file online free

As you might have guessed from the name, offers a free tool to open a Winmail.dat file online. With this tool, you can access the content of a Windmail DAT file. To do that, simply upload your DAT file to this tool and click the “Decode” button to extract the data. In the results, this tool shows you the content of the Winmail DAT file in an email like format. It shows you the Rich Text information in a Body text box with all the media attachments listed below it. From there, you can copy the body text to your clipboard and download the attachments by clicking on their mentioned sizes. This way, you can easily open a Winmail DAT file on this website and extract its content.

You can open Winmail DAT file online here.

free online winmail dat file opener is another free website to open Winmail DAT file online. Here, you can upload a Winmail DAT file up to 10 MB in size and extract its content. Unlike Winmail-dat (above-mentioned website), instead of showing you the Rich Text in the output, this website generates an RTF file of that text. When you upload your DAT file, it gives you an RTF file along with all the other attachments. This way, it extracts all that data from the DAT files which you can download in regular respective formats.

Give this online Winmail DAT file viewer a try here.

open dat file online for free is an online file viewer tool where you can upload and open various types of files online. You can use this to open computer DAT files (i.e., software specific DAT files). To do that, just upload your DAT file to this tool by a simple drag and drop or double click to browse the file from your local storage. As soon as you upload the file, it opens a popup browser window and shows you the data of DAT file. From there, you can copy the data and use it wherever or save it in some other easily accessible file format.

Open DAT file online with RollMyFile here.

free online dat file viewer

Another free website to open DAT file online is You can upload your DAT file here and see all the data inside it. By default, this tool display blocks of 10,000 bytes at a time. If your file has more data, then you can use the navigation buttons to go through all the data. In case you want to see a specific data segment or all the data at once, you can set the starting and ending byte range for that. Moreover, this tool also has a search tool which you can use to find specific terms in your data.

Here is a link to open DAT file online with this tool.

convert dat file online is a free online converter to convert one file type into another. With this tool, you can convert DAT to DOCX in order to access the data of a DAT file. Here, you can load DAT files either from your local storage or import from Google Drive or Dropbox. After loading the file, convert it to DOCX and download that. Once you have the DOCX, you can open it in MS Office or other office program and access the DAT file data. Do note that, this tool only converts the software DAT file; it’s not an ideal solution for the Winmail.dat files.

You can convert DAT file online with Online-Convert here.

Wrap Up

These are the 5 free websites which you can use to access the data of DAT files. With these websites, you can open and convert both types of DAT files online. Give them a try and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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