5 Online History Quiz For Kids

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Here are 5 free websites with online history quiz for kids.

With the help of these history quizzes, kids can improve their knowledge of history. They can test what they know and learn new things about the history. After all, everyone should know where we come from, what we have done so far, and where we are heading.

Kids can use these quizzes to prepare for their history lessons and tests. These quizzes cover a large segment of human history, from the Mohan-jodaro and Egyptian civilization to World War, famous leaders, revolutionary inventions and more. So, let’s check them out.

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Here Are 5 Online History Quiz For Kids:

Soft Schools

online history quiz for kids

SoftSchools is a free educational website that provides study material from Pre-K to 12th grade. It also involves other fun activities, worksheets and quizzes to help students learn new things. The quizzes here covers almost every subject from Kindergarten to high school. In case of history, here you can find quizzes on early civilizations, famous leaders, US history, and a lot more. Kids can take any of these quizzes as per their interests. Each quiz has 10 multiple choice questions. There is no timeline to finish the quiz, kids can take as much time as they need to complete. When they complete the quiz, they get a score out of 10 based on their performance in the quiz.

Give this history quiz for kids a try here.


free online history quiz for kids

ProProfs is a free website where you can create your own quizzes. It also has a wide collection of quizzes backed by user submitted quizzes. You can find some really good history quizzes here which will be perfect for kids. They quizzes cover various history topics. Based on the topic, a quiz can have any number of questions in between 10 to 30. You don’t have to answer all the questions; if you don’t want to take any guess on a question, you can simply move to the next question. When you submit the quiz, it shows you a list of all correct answers along with your answer and tells you how many questions you got right.

You can this history quiz for kids here.

Quiz Moz

online history quiz for kids

Quiz Moz is a free online platform for quizzes; you can find quizzes on lots of topics here. If you enter any inquiry in its search box, there is a good possibility that you would find a quiz. Even if you don’t, you can create one and submit it.

You can find lots of history quizzes here from simple to moderate, hard and advanced difficulty level. Each of these quizzes features 10 multiple choice questions. After going through all those questions, you can submit the quiz along with your name to get a report on how many questions you answered correctly.

You can try this history quiz for kids here.

Quiz Global

free online history quiz for kids

Quiz Global is another website with a huge collection of quizzes. Here, you can find quizzes on all school level subjects along with other additional topics like Technology, Fun, IQ and more. For history, you find quizzes on American History, Asia, Europe. Africa, Political history, Famous People and more. Every quiz contains 30 questions. There is no multiple choice here, you have to come up with a single straight answer. There is no grading or score-scheme as well, this quiz is basically for self-evaluation. You can verify your answer by matching it with the correct answer. To do that, hover your mouse cursor over ‘Show answer‘ button to see the correct answer. You can also print all these quiz questions to PDF with or without answers.

Give this online history quiz for kids a try here.

Fun Trivia

free history quiz for kids

Fun Trivia is a free trivia website where you can find hundreds of online quizzes. Here, you can find Animal Quizzes, History, Quizzes, religious Quizzes, Science Quizzes, Movie Trivia, Music Trivia and more. Fun Trivia has various type of quizzes like for history, you can take multiple choice quiz, fill in the blank quiz, match quiz, etc. These quizzes cover Ancient History, Historical People, and US History. Each quiz has a different number of questions depending on the topic and quiz type. When you submit your answers, it tells you which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong. It also tells you a little history on the topic featured in that particular questions.

Give this history quiz for kids a try here.

Closing Words

These online history quizzes for kids are really fun and educational. They offer fact rich and educational history stuff which helps kids learn more about the history.

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