5 Free Scrabble Solver Websites To Quickly Find Top Scoring Words

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In the present world, Scrabble is a different entity that lives amid the digital space unlike the olden days where it was a game played with a cardboard or wooden board and letters as plastic tiles. Scabble has quickly gone virtual on desktop computers, mobile phones, tablet devices and more. It is still great and very challenging for a quick fix to satisfy your craving or for instant gratification, although it may never replace the real physical atmosphere of friends and relatives with stiff competition over a cup of coffee.

With online Scrabble having turned extremely popular, a great many Scrabble Solver websites too have sprouted up that will help you to find the words with the given letters. In this article we will be exploring 5 Free Scrabble Solver websites to help you quickly and easily find the top scoring words.

1. Scrabble Solver

This is undoubtedly one of the best websites to help you find the top scoring words for Scrabble. It does this using the given letters and the state of the board as an input. Presently Scrabble Solver supports English, French, German, Persian, Polish and Spanish and is open-sourced at GitHub for requesting additional language support.

Just click on the link that we have provided below to navigate to Scrabble Solver. Use the virtual Scrabble board on the left to replicate your board state when the opponents play their game. You can click on any tile and start typing the letters. To change the direction of typing (vertical / horizontal) simply click on the arrow mark. Type the Letters that you possess in the tiles at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the corresponding button when it is your turn to solve the game and all the solutions will appear in the block towards the top right of the screen along with crucial details such as no. of tiles used, no. of consonants / vowels / blanks used, no. of words formed on the board and points. The solutions are placed in the decreasing order of points, hence the top scoring ones appear at the beginning. You can hover your mouse cursor over any word to view its meaning in the block below it as well as to view how the solution is placed on the board to decide which of them is suitable for you.

The toolbar at the top right of the screen helps you to keep track of the created words, remaining tiles, clear the board and more. Overall, this is one of the finest Scrabble Solvers that I have come across as the application knows the board state due to which it can provide you with the best possible solutions that can be visualized on the board in real time. This makes it very easy for you to identify the applicable choice to go ahead with the game.

Click here to navigate to Scrabble Solver. To get the source code, click here.

Scrabble Solver

2. Scrabble Cheat

Let’s move on to the next Scrabble Solver called Scrabble Cheat. This is a very simple and straightforward solution that is not comparable to the previous one as you cannot replicate the board state. It just helps you to find the words along with their scores once you provide the letters in your possession.

Simply click on the link that we have provided below, type the letters in you rack, and click on ‘Submit’ to get the solutions which are arranged in the decreasing order of their scores. You will have to manually figure out how to lay them out on the board since there is no provision of the board state.

You can choose the dictionary for the solver words using the drop-down list. Additionally, you can filter the solutions by specifying the starting and ending letters as well as the other alphabets that it should contain. You can click on ‘Options’ to specify the length of the word, letters to filter out, order of the letters, sorting order and more.

Overall, Scrabble Cheat is a good website to help you solve Scrabble but is not as good as the previous website that we listed above.

Click here to visit Scrabble Cheat.

Scrabble Cheat

3. Scrabulizer

This is yet another amazing Scrabble Solver that allows you to replicate the board state and easily gets the top scoring words for you using the tiles in your rack. Click on the link that we have provided below, to navigate to Scrabulizer.

Initially, choose the Game design, Dictionary, and the number of opponents using the corresponding drop-down menus. Adjust the tiles on the board so that the game state is updated. Add tiles to your rack and then click on ‘Get Solutions’. You can sort the results by Scores, Value or the number of Tiles used by clicking on the corresponding radio button. Click on any solution to see the meaning of the word as per the chosen dictionary as well as to see how the tiles are laid out on the board.

Scrabulizer allows you to finely customize the Game Design by editing the tile distribution, scores, rack length, bonus squares and more. You can login and save the design of the game once it is customized so that it could be used in the future.

Overall, Scrabulizer is a great website for solving Scrabble and boasts of a lot of features that are as comparable as the first application that we explored above.

To navigate to Scrabulizer, click here.


4. Word Finder & Scrabble Cheat

This too is a good website to solve the Scrabble Game. It is also a popular destination for people who are playing other games like Anagram solver, Text twist, Word brain, Wordscapes and more.

Just Click on the link that we have provided below, select which Scrabble game you are playing (US / UK), enter the letters in the rack, and click on search. The results are automatically sorted by points and therefore the top scoring words are displayed at the beginning of the list. You can change the sorting order to view the results alphabetically (ascending / descending).

Word Finder also allows you to filter the results by specifying the starting / ending letters, length of the word and more. To view the meaning of any word in the result, click on the ‘definition’ button ahead of the word.

Overall, Word Finder is a decent Scrabble Solver but does not have any provision to maintain the state of the board. Hence you will have to manually figure out how to lay out the word on the board.

Click here to use Word Finder & Scrabble Cheat.

Word Finder

5. Anagrammer

This is the last Scrabble Solver that we will be exploring in this article. Like Scrabble Solver and Scrabulizer, Anagrammer too provides you with a online visual board that you can use to update the board state of your game.

Just click on the link that we have provided below, type the letters so that the visual board is updated and specify the letters in your rack. Next, click on ‘Get Solutions’ and the results will be arranged with the top scoring words at the beginning. You can hover your mouse cursor over any word to see how they are laid out on the board.

Like Scrabulizer, you can customize the design of the game and edit the tile distribution, scores etc. Clicking on ‘Tile Bag’ allows you to keep a track of the number of letters remaining in the game.

Click here to navigate to Anagrammer


Closing Words:

You can use any of the above Scrabble Solvers to help you solve the game. But the best websites are those that offer the facility of a visual board to maintain the game state. Hence Scrabble Solver, Scrabulizer and Anagrammer will be the preferred websites that you should go for.

Usage of Scrabble Solver websites should be meant to improve and enhance your game rather than cheating because that goes against the official rules of Scrabble.

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