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Speech Timer Free, is a free Windows 8 sound recording app, that can record sounds up to 60 minutes long. Plus, the app also lets you listen to what you have recorded. The app uses your PC’s microphone to record sounds. You can start recording, pause it, listen to what you have recorded, and resume from the same point where you paused it, and pause the recording and listen the complete recording right from the beginning again. Or record everything on a single go and listen to the recording. This little handy Windows 8 app works in all Windows 8 devices. So get this little handy app, and start preparing for speeches, presentations, projects, and debates.

However, one big disadvantage of this app is that it actually doesn’t saves recorded sound to your hard drive. It just provides instant replay option to hear back what you recorded, and then it wipes out everything. So, if you have a need to save your recording, then this app is not for you. For that purpose, there are tons of other sound recorders for Windows 8 that we reviewed earlier, like recently reviewed Microphone Pro. But if you are OK with instant playback only, then this app is pretty good. Read on to find more:

Speech Timer Free

Record sound using Windows 8 sound recording app:

Using this Windows 8 sound recording app is very simple. All the people who fear public speaking, or even the regular people can use this Windows 8 sound recording app to practice their speeches before they stand in front of masses of people.

All you have to do is launch the app from the Start Screen, and simply click on the big grey button that looks like a microphone, and start speaking. The app shows a timer, that updates with every passing second of recording. So using it you can know how long your speech is, and how much time is left before the recording time limit ends. A good thing about this Windows 8 sound recording app is, you can set the recording start and end time. That is you can choose which part of the speech you want to record. You can choose between .5 minutes (that is 30 seconds) to 60 minutes. Now, this feature is pretty useful because you get all the time to prepare yourself before the recording starts, and then once the recording start time is met, you can start speaking. The app actually starts running from the very beginning, but only records the part which is in between the start and end time.

Speech Timer Free - setting time limits

Another good feature of this Windows 8 sound recording app is, it changes the color of microphone, showing you 3 basic different colors: Green, Orange, and Red. These 3 basic color are pretty understandable. Green means your are good to go, Orange means you are halfway there towards the end of time limit, and Red means you have to stop. By default it’s grey in color, when it’s not recording anything.

Speech Timer Free - idicating to stop recording

However a big point which most of the users won’t find in this Windows 8 sound recording app is, it’s missing the option to save recoding in your system’s hard disk. The app is actually made for instant purposes, so it saves the complete recording for the current instant, plays it, and removes from it’s memory, the moment you click on the Refresh button. In order to play the recording, simply click on the Play Button on the top left corner of the screen.

Speech Timer Free - playing a recording

Also this Windows 8 sound recording app, supports snapping feature, and keeps recording sound even in snap mode. So, what you can do is Snap the app in one side, open the text copy of the speech in the rest of screen, start the recording, and the speak-record the speech.

In order to set the time limits, simply right-click on the screen. You’ll get a flyout at the top, set the time against the between label by clicking on the green and red color labels and you are good to go.

Key features of this Windows 8 sound recording app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 sound recording app.
  • Record sound upto 60 minutes long.
  • Set the recording start and end time.
  • Different colors indicating different meaning to help you record.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Final note:

Speech Timer Free is good Windows 8 sound recording app. The recording is pretty clear. Also the app is completely functional. It does what it advertises. And is a great medium to practice your speeches quickly before you go out in front of the masses. However it seriously needs a save option. Grab this Windows 8 sound recording app from the Tools Category in Windows Store, or Click here to get Speech Timer Free.

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