Free Chrome Extension to Show Preview of Multiple Websites: Tabla

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Tabla is a Free Google Chrome Extension which allows you to open and navigate multiple websites in one Chrome Tab.

Multiple tabs for navigating different websites is something most of us probably do all the time. Switching between multiple tabs may also be perfectly fine for doing your daily work. But imagine a scenario where you are working on something that requires you to compare information from a variety of sources or, you are writing an article that references various materials on different websites. In such cases moving between different tabs can be cumbersome and at times, irritating.

In such cases, the ability to view multiple web pages in the same tab can be very useful and handy, and this is what Tabla offers.

Tabla is also of great use when you are shopping online and comparing products and prices from various Ecommerce platforms.

You can specify all the websites that you need to open in the same Tab, through the settings panel. You can also decide the sequence in which the websites will appear in the same tab.

Here is How Tabla Works:

1. Download and install the Tabla Chrome Extension from the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Open a New Tab and the Extension takes control of it by default.

3. Click on the Tabla ‘Settings icon at the top right of the page. In the section titled ‘Website Links’, type the links (URL) for all the web pages that you want to open simultaneously.

Settings Icon


4. Click-drag the links using the ‘Arrow’ icon to change the order in which these websites will appear.

5. Click ‘Save’ to save the changes and close the Settings Panel

6. You will be able to view all the websites that you specified above in the same tab side by side.

Multiple websites display


  1. Once you install the Tabla Extension, it takes control of ‘Open the New Tab page’. Hence, whenever you open a New Tab, Tabla will control it and display multiple websites. This may not be always required.
  2. There is no flexibility in the tiling or layout. All websites that you add will appear side by side, and you need to use the horizontal scroll bar if they aren’t visible at once.
  3. The Time and Date are unnecessarily displayed at the top of the page with big fonts, and this eats up a lot of essential browsing space.


Overall, Tabla is a decent Chrome Extension for Internet users who wish to browse multiple websites in the same tab for research and other purposes. It will be more useful and acceptable if there is some provision of customization of the layout.

To download and install Tabla Chrome Extension, Click Here

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