Free Backup Software To Automatically Backup Whenever Files Change

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Bvckup 2 (beta) is a handy folder backup software to  backup multiple folders together. You can start a backup in real-time, scheduled time, or manually. For each backup process, you can select destination folder and can exclude some items that you don’t want to backup. Backup settings of any backup process can be edited whenever needed. It uses delta copying feature so that only new and modified files are backed up. This helps in increasing speed of backup.

In screenshot below, you can see its interface where you can create multiple backup profiles.

Bvckup 2 beta- interface

Some Key Features Available In This Free Folder Backup Software:

  • A useful backup software that lets you create multiple backups of important folders.
  • Provides real-time syncing feature as well as lets you schedule backup for a particular day, date, and time.
  • You can also set deletion settings. That means, if files and folders are deleted from source location, then you can enable ‘delete backup files’, archive backup copies, or can keep backup copies.
  • Very lightweight folder backup software. Only 1.14 MB in size.
  • Completely free.

How To Use This Backup Folder To Backup Multiple Folders?

Creating a back up of folders, and that too of only the desired files, is very easy with this freeware. This backup softwaer gives you enough options to set the backup specifications. Simply click on Add New Backup button under the File Menu. This opens a new window to give backup specifications.

Bvckup 2 (beta) - choosing source, destination folders and giving copying specifications

Simply add the source and destination folders by using the two Browse buttons at the top. Now to add specification about “which files to skip” click on Details button corresponding to “Want to backup” label and then simply click on files that you want skip.

Bvckup 2 (beta) - choosing files to skip during copying

To add more advanced backup specifications, click on Add button present on this new sub-window. This basically adds copying rules, like: include or exclude only those files or folders which are hidden, not hidden, archived, system, temporary, compressed, not compressed, or contain certain text, etc.

You can also schedule the freeware to auto create a backup of folders in real-time when the contents of source folder are modified, or after certain time interval. To do that simply select Continously option corresponding to “When to backup”.

Bvckup 2 (beta) - choosing when to backup

You can further gives some more backup specifications, like: how to detect changes between source folder contents and destination folder contents, which copying technique should the freeware use, what to do with destination folder’s contents when source folder’s contents are deleted, and some more options present inside More Options field.

Bvckup 2 (beta) - choosing what to do with destination file and folder when source files, folders are deleted

The freeware makes use of Delta Copying feature, which actually scans the source folder for changes, and copies only the modified ones. Also,  for detecting the changes it uses a technique, where it takes snapshots of destination folder contents on every run, and compares the contents of source directory with contents of destination directory.

Bvckup 2 (beta) - choosing copying technique


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Bvckup 2 (beta), is pretty good option to choose to create backup of files and folders. It’s functional, handy, and fast. Moreover, it pretty much does everything by itself, all you need to do is give the specification once, at the beginning. However, note that, this is just a Beta version. Still it’s pretty good and does it job well.

All in all very good tool for creating file and folder backup.

Grab Bvckup 2 (beta) here.

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