Redesign your Living Room, Bedroom, Office space using AI on this Free Website

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RoomGPT is a free AI based website that helps you to Redesign and Generate your dream room in just a few seconds. All that you need to do is upload a clear photo of your present room and RoomGPT will offer new variations of your existing room using AI.

RoomGPT uses a machine learning model called ControlNet to generate the variations of your rooms. ControlNet is a neural network structure developed to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions that bring extraordinary levels of control to Stable Diffusion. The best thing about ControlNet is its capability to tell an AI model like Stable Diffusion, which parts of an input image have to be maintained and what exactly has to be done with the other parts.

How it Works:

1. Click on the link at the end of this article to navigate to RoomGPT

2. Choose your room theme such as Tropical, Minimalist, Professional and more using the drop-down list.

Choose your room theme

3. Select the type of your room from the next pull-down list. The available options are Living room, Dining room, Office etc.

Choose room type

4. Based on the inputs that you have provided above, upload a clear photo of your existing room using drag and drop.

5. After the image has been uploaded successfully, RoomGPT will process all the inputs and display the photo of the Original and Generated room side by side.

Generated room

6. You can click on the toggle button above the image for a comparison of the two images by dragging the image comparison slider up and down and analyzing the changes.

7. To download the newly generated image to your local system, click on the corresponding button. To start afresh and generate a new room, click on the button ‘Generate New Room’.

Closing Comments:

RoomGPT is a fine website to redesign your existing room in seconds using AI. I tested it for some time and found the results to be awesome. Go ahead and try out on your own and get that dream room designed for yourself.

Click here to navigate to RoomGPT

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