How to use ChatGPT on your Own Knowledgebase to Answer Questions

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Eesel is a free web application that allows you to connect your knowledgebase with ChatGPT and produce an oracle (bot) that will answer any questions based on it.

Once the oracle is generated, you can add it to your internal Slack or deploy it as a Widget on your website.

You can train and build your Eesel knowledge base using any of the methods given below:

  1. Google Chrome extension for internal links: Install the Eesel Custom Knowledge extension for internal links such as Google Docs, Notion, Jira and more. All that you need to do is open the page that contains the knowledge and click the extension icon.
  2. Web crawler for external links: You can use the automated Eesel web crawler for building your knowledge base using public pages such as help docs, blogs and more. In this case, you must input the URL of the public page and the matching patterns to scrape the respective pages and get the knowledge. The data scraping is restricted to 100 pages at a time and does not support JavaScript sites.

All your data is stored safely and securely in an SOC2 compliant application and available only to your bot.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Eesel and sing up for a free account using your Google credentials.

2. The first step will be to add the knowledge based on which the Bot will generate responses. As stated above, you can add knowledge through two methods – Internal and Public pages.

3. To use internal links, click on ‘Add Internal links’ and then click on ‘Install Extension’. Now go ahead and install the Eesel Custom Knowledge extension for Google Chrome.

Add internal inks

4. Next, navigate to any internal link such as Google Docs, Notion pages etc, launch the Extension and click on ‘Import Current Tab’. Wait for some time while the data is processed and imported into the knowledge base.

Import internal link

5. Alternatively, you can navigate to all your required internal links in separate browser tabs and click on the button ‘Import all tabs in window’ to import the entire data together.

6. To use Public Pages for building your knowledge base, click on ‘Add public links’. Next, input the URL of the page (must be publicly accessible) and the matching patterns so that only the URLs containing the matching text will be scraped. Click on ‘Start scraping’ and wait for some time for the process to be completed.

Public links

Add public links

7. Once the knowledge has been extracted through internal and public links, it will appear in the ‘Current knowledge’ section of the Eesel dashboard for your reference.

Current knowledge

8. Now, click on ‘Chat’ in the panel on the left side of the dashboard and use the Playground to ask queries and test & evaluate the responses that the Bot will generate based on the knowledge that you have added earlier.

Query 1

Query 2

9. Once you are satisfied with the output, you can add the bot as a widget in your website. To do this, click on the ‘Widget’ tab, assign a Title and Welcome message for the Bot and copy & paste the Embed code inside the <body> tag on your website.


10. To integrate with Slack, click on the ‘Slack’ tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions that are provided.

The free version of Eesel allows a maximum of 100 GPT 3.5 conversations per month along with 100 indexed pages. To overcome these limitations, you can subscribe to their paid plans. Click here to learn more about Eesel pricing.

You must remember that the Eesel AI is good for generating answers present on relevant pages of the knowledge base.  It is not very useful in answering aggregate style questions where it requires a full view of the knowledge in one go. Also, it is not good in answering queries based on complex Google sheets.

Closing comments:

Eesel is a fine AI-based web application that empowers you to build a custom GPT oracle using that can answer questions based on all your company knowledge. Once the bot has been built, you can integrate it with Slack or use it as a widget on your website.

Go ahead and try it out and write to us on what you think about it. Click here to navigate to Eesel.

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