How To Unblock Website in Google Search

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Here is a simple tutorial that explains how to Unblock a Website in Google Search.

In response to my last article, in which I explained How To Block Website in Google Search, here are some simple and quick steps explaining How To Unblock A website in Google Search.

I received a pretty decent response to my last article, however, some of my readers raised the question, asking How can they unblock the websites in Google Search. I guess, some of them blocked some important websites just for trying out the steps to block a Website.

Anyways, for whatever reason you blocked a website, let me tell you; To unblock a Website in Google Search is even simpler than to block one. Here is a quick tutorial explaining How to unblock a Website in Google Search.

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How To Unblock A website In Google Search:

  • Once you have blocked a website, a message will appear saying “We will not show results from <Website Name> again”.
  • Under the message, you will find an option to manage blocked sites which actually means that you can unblock the blocked websites. Click on “Manage Blocked Sites”.
  • However, this message will not appear in subsequent searches, the blocked website will simply not appear. So, in case you have navigated away from that search, or you are trying to do it later, you can manage your blocked website list by directly going to this URL:
  • It will take you to a screen where you can manage all your blocked websites such as you can unblock a website, view details of a blocked website, manually block a website and so on.


  • In you click on “View Details option, you will get all the details of the respective blocked website.


  • Click on “Unblock” given at the right side of the website’s name, in case you want to unblock all the websites, you can quickly unblock it by clicking on “Unblock All”.
  • Yup..there you are you have successfully unblocked the website.


Go ahead and unblock all the descriptive websites that you blocked. And if you accidentally blocked our site just to try it out, it definitely needs to move out of the list :)

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