Free Reading Schedule Builder app to Build Book Reading Habits

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Serial Reader Schedule Builder is an interactive list builder to easily schedule the reading of classic books for an entire year (2023) so that good and consistent reading habits can be developed.

Another new year has started and it’s that time of the year when many of us will plan resolutions to make the present year better than the previous one. The most common resolutions that we come across are exercise regularly, take a healthy diet, sleep and wake-up early and more. Book lovers will add a more important resolution to the list and that will be read more books especially the classic ones which are generally more formidable and daunting. This is precisely where the Schedule Builder comes to your rescue and helps you accommodate classic literature from Serial Reader into your otherwise busy life.

Serial Reader is a famous and widely used App that boasts of a collection of more than 850 classics. The app delivers classic literature to your phone in daily snippets. Basically, a byte size section of the book is delivered to your phone on a daily basis that you can read in 20 minutes. This helps the people to develop daily reading habits as well as help you to fit the challenge of reading classic literature in your busy life.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to the Schedule Builder website by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. By default, a list of important and famous Classic Books will be displayed on the webpage from the Serial Reader collection along with the number of days that are required to read it if you spend roughly 20 minutes each day. You can use the search box to search for any title or author. Hover your mouse over the small ‘i’ icon below any book title to learn more about it.

Most popular

3. Also, you can filter the classic literature based on Most popular, Genres or Collections.



4. Click on the plus sign next to any title that you are interested in reading, and it gets added to your schedule that is displayed on the right side in real time. This schedule gives you an idea of how many days are remaining in the year so that you can add more books.

Real time schedule

5. As you go on adding the classic books, the number of days remaining progressively reduces and this helps you in easily preparing your schedule for the year. Use the small arrow marks below the book title to move the book up and down the list in the schedule. Click on the ‘Remove’ link to remove the book from the schedule.

6. Once the entire year (365 days) are occupied and no more room is left for additional literature, click on the button ’Save and Share’ to display the detailed schedule along with the dates for reading each title. You can now download the Serial Reader app for Android or iOS using the links provided in the same page and start reading the literature as per the set schedule. Additionally, you can then copy the URL and share the list with your family and friends to inspire them.

My 2023 Schedule

7. Click on any book title in the schedule list to gain more information about it such as a summary of the literature, number of issues, preview of the first issue and more.

Info on literature

8. For ready made reading lists such as Sleuths & Mysteries, Philosophical titles, Gothic romances and more, you can click on the link ‘More info and examples’ on the main page.

Closing Comments:

Serial Reader Schedule Builder is a decent application to help you fit classic literature in your busy routine by dedicating approximately 20 minutes every day. Since it gives a real time picture of the number of days left for you, you can try to accommodate all your favorite and interesting literature and follow the pre-configured schedule to achieve the target.

Click here to visit Serial Reader Schedule Builder

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