Free Online Invoicing System for Indian Businesses with GST, Payment Support

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This article covers a free online invoicing system for Indian business with GST and payment support. Refrens is a simple invoicing tool specially designed for Indian freelancers and service agencies, that makes getting payments faster. It is an online tool where you can easily create repetitive invoices with or without GST for free.

This is a perfect invoicing system for freelancers and small businesses in India. Freelancers can quickly create invoices and send them to their clients for payments, Whereas businesses can create a business profile and add a catalog of their products and services along with portfolio to this tool. Then, they can easily create GST or non-GST invoices to charge their customers and generate leads.

This invoicing tool has the potential to completely replace traditional invoicing and billing software. It’s simple and fast for creating invoices which you can print, email, share via social media or download as PDF. This tool also has payment support where you can set up your payment options to receive payments from your clients. The payment feature is completely optional and does charge you a few percentages of the billing on each payment. With that said, let’s check out this tool in details.

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Free Online Invoicing System for Indian Businesses and Freelancers

Refrens makes the process of creating invoices simple and quick for freelancers, service agencies, and small businesses. In order to use this online invoicing tool, you need to create an account with your email ID. After creating an account, when you log in to this tool for the first time, it gives you two options; one to create invoice and other to create a business.

Create Invoice

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 01-invoice

The Create Invoice option takes you directly to the invoicing section where you can make invoices. It gives you an invoice layout where you can fill yours and client’s information and upload your logo. The invoice automatically fetches the invoice number and date and add a due date 15 days prior to the invoice date. You can change the due date as per your terms. Then, you can enter the products/services in the invoice and set their quantities and prices. There is also an option to add a discount to the total amount.

GST Invoice

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 02-gst_invoice

At the top of the invoice, it gives you an option to make GST applicable invoice. Enabling this option adds fields for yours and client’s GSTIN number in the invoice and adds 18% GST on each billing item in the invoice. It also needs you to enter your PAN number in the invoice.

Add Terms & Conditions to Invoice

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 03-terms

This invoicing tool also adds terms and conditions at the bottom of the invoice. Here you can mention things like payment due date and overdue interest rate if any. You can add as many terms and conditions as you want or remove them completely if you want to.

At this point, your invoice is ready. After that, you can add optional payment methods to receive payment online or skip payment option altogether to get the invoice.

Enable Payment Options

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 04-bankoption

If you want to receive payment via this tool, you can add your bank account details and set up payment options to get paid. Currently, this tool supports Indian currency with support from foreign currencies coming soon in the future.

Send/Print Invoice

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 05-finalinvoice

After setting up or skipping the payment options, you get the final invoice. From this screen, you can print the invoice, share it via social media, email it or download as PDF file. In case of an unpaid invoice, you also get an option to add payment which comes handy for cash payments.

Create a Business

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 06-businees

If you are running a business or agency, you can create a business profile on this tool. You can add your service packages and products and create a business portfolio. After adding your business, you can directly create invoices here and get payments from your clients.

Add Products & Services

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 07-business-product

This tool gives you all the necessary options to add your products so that you can easily include them in the invoice and bill the customer. Here you can add the product name, description, and create a portfolio of each product.

Product Pricing Options

free invoicing system for indian with gst and payment support 08-product pricing

While adding your product to your business, you can add a fixed price for your product. And, in case of service packages, you can define a price range and create plans for the different price point. This tool also gives you an option to add the recurring period of the service; this feature comes handy for recurring and subscription type services.

By adding your products and services catalog to this tool, you can quickly add them to the invoice. This tool also keeps a track of all your business invoices and provides a dashboard where you can keep an eye on leads, due invoices, and due amounts. From the invoice list, you can also send a reminder email to the client asking them for the payment.

Wrap Up

All these product catalogs, GST and non-GST invoicing, business portfolio, and payments options features make Refrens a perfect invoicing and billing system for Indian freelancers and businesses. The tool itself is very simple to use and holds all your invoices at one place. The optional payment gateway feature is handy to accept online and card payments. Apart from that, there are more features that are coming soon to this tool. Here are a few features that you can expect in the next few months:

  • Invoice email tracking
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Foreign currency support
  • Financing options
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