Free Blockchain-based Encrypted Diary with Multiple Journal Types

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Here we are covering a free blockchain-based encrypted diary with multiple journal types. You will find ample diary apps out there which you can use to take daily journals. But Mind Talk is a different diary app that uses blockchain technology. This means, Mind Talk app is fully encrypted and no one has access to your data.

This app built upon the Blockstack platform which provides a secure, encrypted, and decentralized network. Unlike other diary apps, you are not restricted to one journal type in this app. Mind Talk offers four different journal types which you can manage separately from each other. It also has a calendar view where you can view all your journal entries on a calendar. As of now, this app is in its initial state with more features coming in the future. Let’s check out this encrypted diary app in details.

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Free Blockchain-based Encrypted Diary with Multiple Journal Types

Mind Talk is developed upon the Blockstack platform, therefore, you would need a Blockstack ID to use this app. If you do not have a Blockstack ID, visit this link and create one, it’s straightforward and free.

Once you have a Blockstack ID, you can use that ID to log in to Mind Talk. Once you login, it takes you to the homepage where it lists all the supported journal types. These journal formats are color-coded to help you distinguish between them. From here, you can select the desired journal type and start writing your diary.


Mind Talk diary offers the following types of journal writing:

  • Free-form Journal: This is a simple journal writing where you can write whatever comes to your mind. You are not bound with any rule or format, you can write in your own style.
  • 1-Sentence Journal: This journal format is to help you build a journaling habit. Here, you can write as little as one line about your day, mood, or anything.
  • Journal like a Stoic: This one is inspired by the Stoics of ancient Rome. Here you can follow the standards and write your ideas in details.
  • Gratitude Journaling: This format is to help users increase their happiness through gratitude. Here, you can write all the good things, appreciation and stuff like that.


Here is a preview of the diary. It has the date and day mentioned at the top with writing space below. The diary has an accent color of the respective journal format. You can write your diary here and save it with the “Save” button at the top right corner.

Calendar View


From the homepage, you can open the calendar view. You can do that with the calendar button next to the profile icon at the top. The calendar view opens a calendar and marks all the dates on which you wrote a journal. It uses the color code to highlight the journal types. If there are multiple journals on the same date, it highlights all the journal for that date on the calendar. From here, you can select a date to preview the respective journal.

Give this encrypted diary a try here.

Wrap Up

Mind Talk is a fully encrypted diary app where you can write your mind without any worries. Thanks to the blockchain technology, this app is fully secure means no one can access your data except you. This kind of security gives full privacy and peace of mind to the users so they can write their thoughts without worrying about data privacy.

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