Free AI based Text to Meme Video Converter using AI: Morph Studio

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Morph Studio is an AI-based Text to Meme converter that allows you to type a few words in natural language and generate Memes from it. The application used the services of Discord which is a popular and free communications app that enables you to share voice, video and text with friends, communities, developers and more.

Memes are present everywhere and used very frequently across all the social media platforms, logs, and other websites, Basically speaking, a meme is an idea or concept that spreads lightning fast from person to person.

In the present era, Meme connotes a piece of text, a humorous image / video / GIF that is typically distributed on social media with slight variations while changing hands. Memes can be easily created by anyone and targeted on anything such as a person, event, cultures, and more and this is precisely where Morph Studio comes into play and allows you to effortlessly transform your simple words into captivating Memes. Let’s see how the product works.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Morph Studio and click on ‘Join Discord’.

2. In the next screen, click on ‘Accept Invite’ and you will automatically be navigated to the Discord server of Morph Studio.

3. Click on ‘text-to-meme’ channel in the left panel and you are now ready to get your text converted to a Meme. First type ‘/’ and then select the ‘/meme’ command followed by the actual text prompt as follows.

/meme <prompt>

Replace <prompt> with the natural language text that you wish to use as an input.

For example: /meme Please tell me that I passed

Meme prompt

4. Wait for some time while Morph Studio processes the input and displays the meme (4 variations) on the screen.

4 variations of Memes

5. Click on the Meme for a combined larger view and then right click and choose ‘Save image as’ to save it in GIF format.

Save meme

6. To view the individual memes, you can click on the numbered buttons (1 to 4) towards the bottom and then download it as described above.

4 variations of Memes

Closing Comments:

Morph Studio is an okay tool to convert your natural language words into Memes that you can download in GIF format. Go ahead and unleash the power of text to video AI with Morph Studio. Click here to navigate to this tool.

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