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Logo Illusions, developed by Krea Studio, is a free AI-powered web tool that empowers you to transform your logos into captivating visual illusions and mesmerizing animations.

Simply upload your logo in PNG or JPG format, explain the desired illusion using a natural language prompt, and then witness Logo Illusions use its AI to produce stunning visual renditions of your logo on the screen.


How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Logo Illusions.

2. Click on the ‘Upload’ icon at the top of the right-side panel and upload your logo in JPG / PNG format. You can also try out the other logos that have been provided in the application free of charge.

Upload or Select Logo

3. Input the natural language prompt to articulate the desire illusion. Alternatively, click on the ‘Random Prompt’ icon at the bottom left of the prompt text box to load one from the prompt manager.

Input prompt

4. Click on ‘Generate Illusion’ and wait for a few seconds while Logo Illusions processes the inputs and crafts multiple illusions of your logo. You can click on the illusion to view it in a larger size and then download it to your computer in PNG format. For better results you must convert your logo to grayscale format.

Illusions generated

5. You can use the accompanying slider to play around with ‘Logo strength’. If you are unable to visualize your logo in the results, increase the Logo strength value. On the other hand, if the logo is too obvious, decrease the value.

6. If you wish to create an AI video of the logo, hit on the ‘Animate’ button and wait patiently for a few seconds while Logo Illusions generates the visual rendition of the screen. Like earlier, you can click on the animated video to view it in large size and then download it your system in MP4 format.

Animate logo

Closing Comments:

In summary, Logo Illusions in a fine AI-powered web tool that you can use to easily infuse life into your still logos by converting them to amazing illusions or stunning animations using a natural language text prompt. Yon can then go ahead and download the illusions and animations to your system and use them wherever you like.

Click here to try out Logo Illusions and do write to us on what you think.

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