Check Symptoms Online with This Open Source Symptom Search Engine

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Whenever you don’t feel well, what’s your first response to that? Do you directly go to the professionals for help or do you first google it to try to diagnose what could be the problem? Well in general, Google is the best search engine in the industry but when it comes to self-diagnosis, the results are not so useful. I mean, we even have memes how bad it could be on guessing the problem based on symptoms. So, is there any other solution to that? Well, there might be one that shows promising results.

In this article, I will cover an open source symptom search engine. With this search engine, you can select the symptoms you are experiencing and it gives you a list of problems (diseases/conditions) which those symptoms might lead to. So, let’s check out this symptom search engine in details.

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Open Source Symptom Search Engine

Sytora is an open source Search engine to check symptoms online for self-classification of potential diseases or conditions. This search engine is powered by a wide collection of medical data which is freely available under CC4.0. You can check it out on GitHub here.

online symptoms checker

Self-classification of disease is simple and straightforward on this search engine. It has a search bar that contains a big list of symptoms. You can select the symptoms you are experiencing from that list and search them against the database. In order to provide accurate results, this search engine does support user-entered symptoms, instead, you can only choose the symptoms from the list.

check smyptoms online

This search engine returns your symptoms query with multiple results. It lists all the diseases to which your deleted symptoms might lead to. It shows the chances of each disease by a percentage based on selected symptoms. It also shows you the other symptoms of disease along with your selected ones. This way, you can self-classify a disease online based on the symptoms.

open source symptoms search engine

This search engine is nowhere near to cover all the diseases and their symptoms. So, the developers did add an option for improvement. In case, you have more knowledge on a disease or symptom, you can submit your feedback on that.

Closing Words:

Sytota is a sophisticated smart symptom search engine where you can self-classify a wide range of diseases and conditions based on their symptoms. It is easy to use and gives you only the useful information without any clutter.

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