5 Online Workout Routine Creator for Gym Enthusiasts

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Don’t ruin your precious time thinking about which exercises you should do.

In this article we will be exploring 5 websites that will assist you in generating professional workout routines.

Depending on your choice of work, you can select the equipment at hand or the specific muscles of your body that you desire to target during the workout.

1. Workout.lol

This is a really simple, easy and fast workout routines creator that does not require any sign up or registration. It just requires 3 steps by which you can specify your choices and the application will build a workout that is specially tailored to your goals.

At the outset you must select the equipment that you desire to use for your workout such as bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, plate, pull-up bar and more. Next, choose the muscles that you wish to train by clicking and selecting them on the body map and then Workout.lol will create the workout routines for you based on the body parts and exercises that you have chosen.

In the workout plan, each activity that is listed has a letter adjacent to it which indicates which muscle it works on and a short instructional video to demonstrate how it is done. You can swap it with another activity form the list of other options if you like or simply click on ‘Shuffle’ for a random surprise activity. Additionally, you can also add or remove activities from the plan to modify it. Although, Workout.lol does not require any sign-up or registration you can still save your workouts in which case the data is saved in the local browser.

Click here to navigate to Workout.lol.




2. Pumpd

This is yet another extremely simple website to generator good workout routines for you. In the first page, you must fill the details about yourself such as Gender, Body weight, Fitness level, Equipment, and the number of days that you intend to workout each week.

Next, click on ‘Generate your Workout’ and they will be displayed on the screen for each day along with the number of Sets and Reps (Repetitions) depending on the number of days per week that you have chosen earlier. Click on the down arrow ahead of the exercise gives you further details of each Set including the time to rest in seconds. You can click on the ‘Refresh’ icon to randomly change the exercise. Also, you can hit the minus sign to delete the activity.

To save the workout, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button ‘Save your workout’. You must register for a free account to save any of your workouts.

To navigate to Pumpd, click here.



3. Bruiserfit

This website is unique as it allows you to generate a bodyweight workout routine without any equipment. You can workout using your own body without the need of any fancy equipment. The workouts can be performed anywhere and anytime and Bruiserfit creates very easy bodyweight exercises tailored to your available time and goals.

You must sign in to use the application and initially you will be asked some basic questions regarding your fitness goals and schedule. Bruiserfit will then proceed to create a workout plan for the week depending on your answers. To commence the day’s workout, simply click on ‘Start’ and the application displays a GIF of the present exercise (like push-ups, jacks, squats and more) while a timer runs on the screen. You can proceed to the next activity by swiping once you are done with a particular exercise.

Two types of workout plans are offered by Bruiserfit: one is time based in which you have to finish a specified set of exercises before the time runs out and the other one is based on rounds where you have to complete the reps irrespective of how much time it takes. The activity is recorded in the application, and this motivates you to continue your active streak.

To navigate to Bruiserfit, click here.


4. Fitforge

Let’s now move on to the next website for generating workout routines namely, Fitforge. This is a free AI-based website that enables you to generate fitness routines tailored to your requirements.

At the outset you must define your goals such as Strength training, Muscle building or Weight loss followed by the next step where you choose your age using the slider and the preferred workout schedule from the drop-down list. You can also mention if you have any specific health considerations in the text box.

Finally, you will be navigated to the last page which allows you to choose between a workout or diet plan and also the location to perform the exercises such as gym or your home. Next, when you click on ‘Submit, the AI algorithms of Fitforge will design a customized workout routine for you based on the above choices. The Routine offers a daily action plan for all the days of the week depending on all the selections that you have made. You can click on the ‘Download’ button to save the Workout routine to your computer in the PNG format.

Hit here to visit Fitforge.



5. MJ Fitness Free Workout Plan

This is the final website in the list and helps you to create a comprehensive workout routine to reach your goals. Just click on the link that we have provided below, choose your Gender, and Experience such as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Finally, select the Goal as Fat Loss or Muscle Building and a detailed workout plan will be displayed on the screen for the options that you have specified above.

Click on any of the Days to see the Exercises for that day including the number of Sets and Reps. You can click on the button at the bottom to download the plan to your system in the PDF format.

Click here to navigate to MJ Fitness Free Workout Plan.


Closing Comments:

You are now well equipped to get a workout routine and you must make sure that you also plan your rest day in advance since rest and recovery are also extremely important for your body to withstand the effects of workouts. You can schedule light activities and mentally stimulating exercises during these rest days to complement your fitness routine.

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