4 Free Online Age Detector Websites to Detect Age from Photo

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Age detection is the process of automatically calculating the age of a person only using a photograph of the face. The prediction is done using Convolutional Neural Networks that is a type of artificial neural network. They are computing machines that attempt to simulate the network of neurons in a human brain so that the machine will be able to learn and understand things in a more human-like manner.

You must remember that this mechanism estimates the biological age of a person. All that you need to do is upload a photograph of the person whose age you wish to predict and let the machines do their work by using the algorithms. There are a few recommendations that you must know to get better predictions of the age such as:

  1. The photo should show the face of the person straight from the front.
  2. The face should occupy at least 50% of the area of the picture
  3. There should be only one face in the image

In this article, I will be listing and discussing about 4 Online Age Detector Websites that will help you to predict your age from a photograph.

1. How old do you look

This website will give you a good prediction of the age of the person whose photograph you upload. Simply click on ‘Choose file’, upload the file from your local disk and then click on ‘Analyze Picture’. It may take a couple of seconds for processing the image at the end of which the age will be predicted and displayed.

Click here to navigate to this website and check its age detection logic.

How old you look

How old you look result

2. Face Age Detector (Toolpie)

This is yet another website that you can use to detect the biological age of a person from a photo. Simply click on ‘Browse’, upload the photograph of the person and click on ‘Detect age online’. In a few seconds the website will detect the age and display it for your information.

Like the earlier website, this tool too uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect the age and is good at that.

Click here to head towards Face Age Detector, predict your age from a photo and see how far it is correct as compared to your real age.

Face age detector

Face age detector result

3. Facial Age

This is the 3rd website that helps you to detect the age of a person only using his / her photographs. The process remains the same. You just need to click on ‘Choose file’ upload the photograph of the person and finally click on ‘Test how old am I’. It may take a couple of seconds for processing and the website will display the detected age at the end of it.

To visit Facial Age and detect the age, click here

Facial Age

Facial Age result

4. Facelytics

This is another good website which will detect the age as well as gender of a person from the uploaded photograph. There is no difference as far as the process is concerned.

Click on ‘Browse a picture’ and upload the photograph of the person, conclude the reCAPTCHA and click on ‘Submit’.

Facelytics will analyze the image and detect the gender and age of the person from the photograph. This website gives an estimated range of the age of a person rather than an exact figure.

Click here to navigate to Facelytics and test it out.


Facelytics result

You must remember that all the above Age Detection websites will process the photograph that you have uploaded and detect the morphological or biological age of the person by the appearance and the looks. It may not always be a correct estimation of the person’s actual chronological age as a person may always look older or younger than he / she actually is.

Be sure to test the above websites and see which of them gives you a more precise result.

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