5 Free Genealogy Search Engines to Research Ancestry

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This article covers 5 free genealogy search engines. These search engines offer collections of genealogy, family trees, and other relevant historical databases and tools to help you with genealogical research. You can search those databases to get to the roots of your family tree and research your ancestry.

Here, I covered a  variety of genealogy search engine websites that can fulfill most of your needs from ancestry research, genealogy to family history. All these search engines have their own database and some of them fetch relevant results from other websites as well. Although you can still use Google or Bing search engine for genealogy, they provide you mixed results as compared to filtered results on these websites that can be frustrating and also consumes comparatively more time. So, let’s check out these genealogy search engines one by one.

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5 Free Genealogy Search Engines to Research Ancestry:


genealogy search engine

The first free genealogy search engine on this list is GenealogyInTime. This is one of the largest ancestral search engines with separate Genealogy Search Engine, Family Tree Search Engine, and Book Search Engine along with a guide to performing genealogy searches.

You can simply select any of these search engines and run your query to get the results. It gathers the relevant information from various sources (including many prevailing websites in the field) and ranks them in the results. Clicking on a result takes you to the respective source where you can get the needed information. Apart from the search engines, this website also provides articles, resources, and records on genealogy. With all that combined, this has the potential to be your go to website for genealogy, and it also has newsletters to keep you updated.

Research your ancestry with this free genealogy search engine here.


family tree search

The second genealogy search engine on this list is FamilySearch. As the name speaks for itself, the main focus of this search engine is to research ancestry and discover family trees. Along with the family trees, you can also search for Records, Genealogy, Catalogs, and Books.

You can enter the First Name, Last Name, Birth Place, Birth Year, Death Place, and Death Year of a person on this website and get all the available data on that. In the results, it shows you the total number of record for that surname and where that surname is found most likely. Then, it breaks the database region wise and provides you historical documents(Birth, Marriage, Death, Census and Lists, Migration and Naturalization, Military, Probate, Court, etc.)where that name is found. Below that, it lists people with that name in the shared family tree.

In order to view the results in details, you have to create an account on this website which is free of cost. By creating a free account, you can also add your record in the database and create your family tree.

You can try this free genealogy search engine here.


find, create your family tree

RootsWeb is another free search engine for genealogy and family trees. It provides you with a search tool to look for family trees in the databases of over 800-million names. You can either search a person by name or enter a database name to evaluate that.

In the results, it gives you a giant list of people with that name. Along with the names, the list shows records of birth, death, spouse, the record date, and database name. It also other matched records like from military, court, etc. At the end of the list, there is a custom search option where you can refine your search results by providing more information.

When you click a name from the list, it shows you the history info of that person including the names of his family members, dates, and locations. From there, you can jump to Index, Pedigree, and Ahnentafel information as well. You can save a printer friendly version of the records. And, in case you want to add your record in the database, you can do that by creating a free account.

Give this free genealogy search engine a try here.


trace your ancestry

AccessGenealogy is a free website to research ancestry and genealogy. This website has a wide collection of genealogy database which you can evaluate to your research. It has Black Genealogy, Cemetery Records, Census Records, DNA, Military Records, Native American Genealogy, and Vital Records.

If you want to research on US genealogy then this is one of the best websites for that. Here, you can find the US Genealogy divided into state-wise databases. Each state then has separate records for each county along with other biographic, cemetery, census, church, court, directory, land, newspaper, and history records.

This website also has a custom search tool that lists the results from various other websites and databases. If you want to search for an individual person then this search tool is the one to go with. And, if you want to do deep research then starts with diving into the relevant databases and records.

Try this free genealogy search engine here.


genealogy reasearch

Last, but not least, Geneanet is another website to search genealogy for free. This website is good for looking for a specific person or family. It has a comprehensive search tool that can search for databases, libraries, social indexes, collections, and family trees.

Search for a family or person is very simple here, all you have to do is enter the first and last name. This website lists all the names that it can find in the database and list them in the results. It also gives you search filters to refine the results. In case of a family tree, you can also enter the info about that person’s parent which significantly narrow down the search. You can also add more search criteria to include place, dates, spouse and other information to further refine the results. This is a freemium website so the free-tier has limited record access as compared to paid-tier.

Research ancestry with this free genealogy search engine here.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 free genealogy search engine websites where you can research ancestry and discover family trees. With these websites, you can track your ancestors and create family trees. Give them a try and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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