Use Your Essential Apps to Avoid Distraction on Android: Desert Island

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Android eco-system has millions of app and having so many apps might bring distraction in your lifestyle like annoying notifications, social media addiction, etc. Although there are lots of apps that use different approaches to help you have a more focused and distraction-free time, most of those approaches locked you out of your phone. And, the rest of the apps have specific use cases which you have to test first to know if it fits your needs or not.

Desert Island is a new app in this category. This is actually a Digital Wellbeing app by Google that challenging you to go a day with only your essential apps. It asks you to pick up to 7 apps that are essential to you. After that, it replaces your launcher and shows you a minimalistic UI listing the app you have selected as essential. The UI is neat with just app names without the app logo. This way, it challenges you to use your essential apps only by hiding away the rest of the apps. And if you want to access any other app, you can still do that. Once the challenge ends, it shows a status report telling which apps you have used during the challenge.

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Use Your Essential Apps to Avoid Distraction: Desert Island

Desert Island challenge helps you break out of unnecessary apps by limiting your reach to your essential apps. On the first run, this app asks you to pick up 7 apps that are essential for you. It shows you a list of all the installed apps on your phone and you can pick the essential apps from the list. use only the essential apps on android

When you finish picking the essential apps, it asks you to pick Desert Island as your default launcher. Doing this replaces your homescreen with a new minimal UI listing your essential apps. The layout has a Desert Island icon which opens the app drawer where you can access the rest of the apps if needed.

avoid distracting apps to stay focused

When you want to end the challenge simply tap the ‘Quit’ option from the 3-dot menu from the app drawer. This brings back your previous launcher and shows you a usage report of your app usages. The report shows which apps you opened and how many times. This helps you track your app usage and adapt accordingly to avoid distractions.

Closing Words

Desert Island app is designed to help you break app addiction and stay focus by challenging you to keep up with just 7 essential apps. This is a nice idea as no one uses all the apps installed on their phones all the time. This helps you to restrict your phone usages to your essential apps by hiding away the rest of the apps that you might find distracting.

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