Pos Panorama Pro: Freeware to Create Panoramic Images

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Pos Panorama Pro is a freeware to create panoramic images from overlapping images. It combines all your pictures and creates an amazing panoramic image making it look like a realistic image. Some other free panoramic image software that we reviewed earlier include PanoramaPlus, and Image Composite Editor.

Panoramic images come especially handy when you are trying to take pictures of a landscape. You can take multiple overlapping pictures of that, and Pos Panorama Pro will automatically combine all the pictures to create one big picture of that landscape.

Now you can easily preserve the favorite images of your holidays and trips by creating a panoramic image. It does everything automatically saving your efforts. You just have to select a series of overlapping images and it does the rest for you.

Pos Panorama Pro sorts the pictures in the correct order, identifies the stitch points and then combines all the images into one panoramic view.

After your panoramic image has been created, you can edit, enhance and manipulate the picture as per your choice with its inbuilt image editor, or you can use a full fledged image editor like Paint.net and GIMP for more thorough editing.

Features of Pos Panorama Pro:

  • It does not require any equipment and creates the image from any series of overlapping images
  • It creates horizontal and vertical images quickly
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It has a built in image editor
  • It does everything automatically
  • It works with JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF
  • It allows the users to control many of the file format properties like type,colors,compression ratio and much more

Once you have created a panoramic image, you can easily print that in poster with free poster printer.

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Works With: Windows
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