Online Font Prototyping Tool to Try Different Font Combinations with Preview

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This article covers a free font prototyping tool to try different font combinations with preview. Whether you are creating a website, blog, graphics banner, ad advertisement campaign or anything, having a good combination of fonts is important.

FontKey is a free online font prototyping tool that you can use to find the best font combination for your project. With this tool, you can easily try different font combinations for landing pages, signup, buttons, and text. Initially, this tool automatically picks a combination of 3 fonts for you and shows a preview side by side. You can lock any font and switch the rest to come up with a perfect font combination for your needs. You can also share the preview with others to bring an external perspective. This tool also gives you a link to the fonts used which are open source and free to download.

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Free Online Font Prototyping Tool to Find Fonts for Website

FontKey is a handy tool to quickly find a font combination for various types of projects. It is simple and straightforward to use without the need for creating an account. You can just visit the website and start prototyping the fonts.

The website shows a video explaining how to prototype fonts with FontKey along with a text explanation for the same. Below the video, it has a “Let’s Do This” button which takes you to the prototyping section where you can preview the fonts.

The tool has two columns, the left side column shows the fonts along with 5 options to try the font combinations. And, the left side column shows a preview of the current font combination.

With the Reload button next to the FontKey, you can select random fonts to try. Then, with the lock icon in front of each font name, you can lock the font. Once you locked the font, that font stays the same and rest of the fonts changes when you fetch more font options with the reload button. This way, you can pick fonts one by one while cycling through the rest of the available fonts. You can also unlock a locked font anytime to change that as well.

At the top of the FontKey text, there are three buttons for the following tasks:

  • Font Source: The first button takes you to the font source from where you can download the fonts.
  • Share: The second button is for sharing your font prototype with other. This way, you can get an external option for your selection.
  • Preview: The third button enlarge preview column to the entire window for a full-page actual size font preview.

Give it a try here.

Wrap Up

FontKey is a useful font prototyping tool that comes handy to pick fonts. It provides you a simple method to quickly find the best font combination for your projects. The sharing option is also very helpful. It lets you get an external opinion that is really useful for group projects. Try it yourself and share your thoughts on this with us in the comments.

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