Help Yourself Remember People You Meet Through Notes:

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website to remember people you meet. It lets you create notes about people you meet in your everyday life so you can remember them. This is the most simplified CRM platform that I have come across where there aren’t any overdone webpages or forms. Most of the CRM platforms ask for a lead’s telephone number, testimonial, address, etc. This makes things complicated if one of these fields are necessary and can’t be skipped. On, you have complete freedom of selectively jotting down details you remember about a lead /person. You can throw in hashtags, bullet points, capital letters to highlight a fact. The way I see it, is simply a virtual diary where people can write down a person in their own words. can be used professionally as well as personally. The best part about is its search bar where you can search for a certain keyword that might have been used to describe an individual. This can be used to an advantage that I’ll tell you later.


However, If you still want something traditional for professional use, make sure you check out Hubspot’s CRM platform. It is easy to set up and provides minimal, efficient and essential functions to manage leads from different sources.

Let’s take better look at

How to use to Remember People you Meet

Let’s take a hypothetical example to understand how works. I made 3 new friends last night at a bar. Their names areHuey, Dewie and Louie, where Huey and Dewie were nice people to hang out with. Louie turned out to be an important business lead. I got their contacts and headed straight to home.

The next day, I couldn’t remember Huey’s name but I remembered what he looked like and I had his contact number. So I logged onto, clicked New Human and this is what I wrote:


You can see I made a profile of Huey, who I couldn’t remember. I mentioned what he looked like and the place where I met him. There is no pressure of adding a specific name and you can use what you have.

Similarly, I made a profile of Dewie who seemed to be an avid football fan:

Louie meant business and that is why I kept the note professional and formal:


Let’s say some months after the first meeting, I forget about Louie and barely remember the business prospects he could have brought me. However, I remember him being a tall guy I met at Urban bar. I type in #tall and #met-at-urbanbar to find out tall people in my list who I met at Urban Bar. Still there are two options which have to be narrowed down, so I type in #business. Voila! I have found Louie!

louie search humansio

One thing that I forgot to mention is that the search bar is not dependent on hashtags. You can use all kinds of strings to find an individual. You can take a backup of your human database from the settings.

Final Words

When I first opened, I was excited as I thought this online tool might have a mapping function which could connect humans to each other to make things easier. Absence of this feature brought my excitement a notch down. It would be also a good feature if one is able to add image files in order to remember faces from pictures. After taking all the pros and cons of in consideration, I give this online web application 4 stars.

Try here.

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