Free tool to Explain Research Papers in Simple Language using AI: Explainpaper

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Explainpaper is an AI-based free online tool that you can use to easily Read and Understand the jargon in academic research papers. It uses the GPT-3 model by Open AI, which is an auto-regressive model that comes up up results which are quiet human-like.

Often, when people find it difficult to comprehend some jargon or difficult terminology in research papers, they try to look it up on Google or other search engines, but this may not always be an appropriate method to resolve the problem. This is exactly where Explainpaper comes in to make things effortless and easy for you.

Just upload the PDF of the research paper and highlight the text that you are unable to fathom. Explainpaper will automatically process the selected text and present a simplified explanation for you using Artificial Intelligence. You need not lookup any search engine or third-party website as all the magic happens within the application.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Explainpaper by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Click on ‘Upload file’ and select and upload the PDF file of the research paper from your system.

Upload a PDF file

PDF uploaded

3. Select and highlight the text or jargon from the paper that you are finding difficult to understand.

Text highlighted

4. Explainpaper will display the highlighted text in the panel on the right and automatically explain it in a simplified way for you to understand.

Text highlighted

5. You can also ask a follow-up question (using Natural Language) regarding the highlighted text and the explanation and Explainpaper will answer it for you.

Follow up Questions


  1. You have to manually download the research paper in PDF format from website where it is available and upload it to Explainpaper. There is no provision for directly specifying a URL to the PDF which may have made things faster and simpler.
  2. The UI / UX isn’t very impressive and at times you really wonder if the highlighted text is being processed, or if there is a delay.
  3. There is no facility to save the explanation provided by Explainpaper as an annotation or comment alongside the original text for future reference.

Closing Words:

Explainpaper is a great product to read and understand the jargon of academic research papers. I was particularly impressed about its awareness of the context of the selected text which is evident from the way it provides the explanation. The answers to the follow-up questions were also remarkable. Explainpaper will turn out to be a potent and highly popular tool in the near future.

Go ahead and try it out by clicking on this link.

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