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Hello Cognition is a AI based search engine designed especially for software developers to get instant and simple answers to technical questions along with relevant code snippets extracted from the world wide web.

Technical information and documentation pertaining to Software Technologies is scattered on the Internet in discussion forums, blogs, and more. This can be searched using popular search engines like Google and Yahoo but such search tools may not be efficient in providing actionable solutions. Moreover searching for resolutions to complex technical issues may involve a lot of time and effort if the commonly available search engines are used.

Hello is a search engine that can quickly bring you the precise information that you can actually act upon to make good progress in your work. It smartly extracts the technical know-how in addition to code examples from authentic sources for most of the questions using strong AI/NLP powered algorithms.

Like Google and other search engines, Hello supports Predictive Search. Once you type a few words that you wish to search, Hello offers automated AI predictions (suggestions) This helps people to save time by enabling them to accomplish the search without typing the complete phrase.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Hello Cognition using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Type in a few keywords and click on ‘Search’. Alternatively, you can use any of the suggestions offered by Hello to complete the search if they are suitable.

Predictive Search

3. The related Search Results comprising blogs, technical documentation websites, forums etc are displayed at the right and Code Snippets, Commands etc. (if any) are presented on the left beside the results. A ‘Copy’ icon is also provided to copy the code / command to your clipboard. The Snippet box also gives you the name of the website from where it has been extracted.

How to bold text in HTML

How to enable SSH in Raspberry Pi

How does spacing work in Bootstrap

4. You can click on any of the search results to open the relevant website.

5. You can also click on ‘Surprise Me’ without typing any keyword to randomly carry out well thought out Searches that may be highly relevant to you.

Final comments:

I used Hello Cognition for a number of searches and found that it indeed offers better and more relevant results as far as technical issues and topics are concerned. The Code / Command snippet that it provides along with the search results is really handy and saves the time and effort of separately searching for the code and using it.

Click here to start using Hello Cognition Search Engine.

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