Free Product Launch Planner to Maximize Reach on ProductHunt

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This article covers a free product launch planner to maximize reach on ProductHunt. The major reason behind the familiar of a product is poor reach. If a product doesn’t reach a mass audience, no matter how good and useful the product is, the chances of success are odd. It needs a decent user base and recognition to be a success.

When To Launch is an online tool that helps you find the best time to launch your product on ProductHunt. This tool provides you the detailed insights and stats from ProductHunt website. With all that information, you can learn which month, day, and time is the most suitable to launch your product to maximize the reach. This tool also packs many other features that can help you understand the user behavior and trends on ProductHunt which can be further helpful. With that said, let’s dive in the article and see what kind of info this tool provides and how that can help you reach the maximum audience.

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Know When to Launch Your Product on ProductHunt

When to Launch gives you complete ProductHunt insights for the current year where you can evaluate stats to know the best time to launch your products. It categories the stats in various section to gives you a complete insight on posts, upvotes, trends, and topics.


In the Insights section, this tool shows you the post and vote trend of the year. In these trends, it visualizes a ‘posts and votes’ heat map of each month. Below that, it shows you the post trend of the year along with the following stats:

  • Total number of products posted this year
  • Toal number of upvotes this year
  • Total number of products posted this month
  • Total number of upvotes this month

With the help of these trends, you can determine a suitable month to launch your product. You can evaluate which month has most users upvotes and which month has most posts your product has to compete with. From here, you can choose the launch month.


Further down in the Insights section, you get stats for days. Here, you get stats for

  • Day with most upvotes
  • Day with least upvotes
  • Day with most posts
  • Day with least posts
  • Average votes for each product
  • Best customer Interaction Time
  • Trending Topics
  • Voting trend heatmap

These stats can help you out to pick a day for the launch. You can cross check it with the month and choose a suitable week where you can reach more audience and less competition.

Apart from the Insights section, there are 6 more sections which can further help you out based on your product type and category.


These sections are:

  • Top 10 products the year (a list of top 10 products with their vote trend graph)
  • Trends (stats like average upvotes on days, average post on days, last 3 months overall posts & upvotes stats, etc.)
  • Calendar (monthly calendar showing launched products along with stats)
  • Daily (top 10 product upvotes trend of the day)
  • Collection (a list of products posted in collections)
  • Topic (lists top 10 trending topics on ProductHunt based on followers)

Give When To Launch a try here.

Wrap Up:

When To Launch is a handy tool to help you find a perfect launch window for your product on ProductHunt. It provides a complete insight which you can analyze to decide the month and day. Apart from the stats, you can evaluate the trends and topics to find the perfect time to launch your product. The launch time plays a crucial role in the success and failure of a product. So, take your time, evaluate the stats and come up with a most favorable launch window which would decide the faith of the product.

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