5 Free Online Diabetic Recipes Websites

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free online diabetic recipes websites. From these diabetic cookbook websites, you will get access to tons of different diabetes-friendly recipes. So, if you are looking for recipes to feed a diabetic patient in a tasty way then these websites are a great resource from where you can get all the tips and recipes to take care of a diabetes patient. Two websites on my list are completely dedicated for diabetes patients and they offer health tips for them too. So, take a look at these diabetic recipes websites and note down your favorites ones to try at home.

5 free online diabetic cookbook websites

Diabetes patients are most likely to suffer from heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure. In the past, we have reviewed some heart attack risk calculator websites which can calculate the risk of getting a heart attack in the next 10 years or so. You can even use this software to record your blood pressure and print blood pressure reports. So, we have always taken care of your health in the past and today I am going to tell you about these 5 free websites to get recipes of healthy main course dishes for diabetes patients. I will recommend you to read this article till the very end if you want to know the sources for getting tasty and nutritious recipes for any of your friends or family members suffering from diabetes.


free online diabetic cookbook website- allrecipes

Allrecipes.com is a free diabetic cookbook recipe website. You can find more than 220 trusted diabetes friendly recipes, like black bean veggie burgers, red lantil curry dishes, and other main course dishes recipes for people suffering from diabetes. Basically, it is a recipe website on which you can access thousands of recipes to prepare a number of different dishes. However, there is a dedicated section for diabetic recipes. You can visit the link provided above to access its diabetic section. After that, click on any recipe to view its content i.e. ingredients and steps of preparation. The recipes are properly documented and a cooking tip is also provided related to the recipe at the end. It also states the approx time required to prepare the recipe and number of servings. In addition to that, you can also read the review about a recipe to get an insight of it.

Diabetic Living Online:

free online diabetic cookbook website- diabetic living online

Diabetic Living Online is another free diabetic recipe website. Apart from recipes for diabetes, you can also read some handy tips that can help you to control the sugar level and stay in shape. In addition to these useful resources, you can also take a free 10 weeks free online course “WHAT TO EAT WITH DIABETES”. The best part is that it also shows the nutrition details in a recipe i.e. amount of fat, fiber, sugar, etc. So, you can also review a recipe at your end to see if it fits your health standards or not. You can find a wide array of diabetic recipes in different categories like desserts, drinks, salads, Italian, Mexican, and many others. Just select a recipe to view its ingredients, steps of instructions, time, and its nutritional values.


free online diabetic cookbook website- eating well- healthy diabetic recipes

Eating Well is another free diabetic recipe website to get tasty and healthy recipes for diabetes patients. These diabetic recipes are written by the experts at EatingWell. In addition to recipes for diabetes patients, you can read recipes for other categories like weight loss recipes, clean-eating recipes, etc as well. Just like the other diabetic cookbook websites on my list, a recipe is properly described with intuitive steps of directions and displays its nutritional values i.e. the amount of fat, sugar, etc. Just to give you an insight, the diabetic recipes includes dishes like chocolate chip cookies, broccoli-bacon salad, etc. Just visit the link provided above to read a recipe and how to prepare it at your home.

Diabetic Lifestyle:

free online diabetic cookbook website- diabeticlifestyle- diabetic recipes

Diabetic Lifestyle is another free diabetic cookbook website to get healthy and tasty diabetes recipes. You can find diabetic recipes for almost any course of meal on it and these recipes are written by experts and award-winning cookbook authors. You can get recipes to serve diabetes-friendly dishes as main dishes, snacks, desserts, appetizers, and so on. In addition to this, you can also find diabetic cookbooks for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc and dishes that can be prepared using a microwave, grill, or other cooking machines. Just visit the link provided above and select the course of a meal to find recipes for. After that, open any recipe link to read the ingredients used in it and the complete steps to prepare it. It also displays the nutritional values that you’ll get after eating that recipe.

Mayo Clinic:

free online diabetic cookbook website- mayo clinic- diabetes meal plan recipes

Mayo Clinic is the last diabetes cookbook website to read recipes for diabetes patients. As in other diabetic recipe websites, it shows you the recipes for different meal courses like desserts, breakfast, main dish, etc. The best part is that you’ll get a dietician tip related to the recipe which states that how often you should prepare this recipe at home, and other useful tips. These recipes are created by the registered dieticians at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. In addition to this, it also shows you the nutritional values of the recipe per serving. After visiting the link provided above, you will see all recipes listed under different categories like meal course type, etc. Open the link to read the complete recipe and the dietitian tip.


In this article, I introduced you to 5 free diabetes cookbook websites to get recipes for diabetes patients. Some of these diabetic recipe websites also show the count of fat, sugar, fiber, etc in recipes. This lets you make a perfect decision to cook that recipe or not as per your diet plan and health standard. In addition to this, you can get to know approx most type of dishes that can be served in breakfasts, desserts, starters, drinks, etc which are absolutely diabetic-friendly. So, enjoy these useful resources that I have gathered absolutely for you and make your life tastier again :)

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