How Fertile Am I? Find Out With These 5 Quizzes

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This article covers 5 free websites where you can fact-check your fertility.

There are various types of risk factors that can affect your fertility. Some reasons can be genetic whereas, some might be caused by your lifestyle or specific types of diseases. Therefore, it’s better to be aware of your fertility so that if something is wrong, it can be taken care on time. You can start with these websites to fact-check your fertility.

These websites offer fertility quizzes where they ask you various types of information starting from your age, menstrual cycle, to sexual health and miscarriage. Based on your responses to those questions, these quizzes tell you whether you have any infertility risk or not. Some of these websites generate a detailed fertility report, give you factual information and suggestions.

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Here Are 5 Websites To Check Your Fertility:

MyFertility Compass

online fertility report

MyFertility Compass is a free website that estimates your chances of getting pregnant. This website has a brief questionnaire where it takes your input on various health, ovulation and pregnancy-related questions. Each question has a brief explanation alongside telling you why it matters. The questions include your age, time since you are trying to get pregnant, past habits, and your reproductive health history. When you answer all the questions, this website sends you a fertility report via email. In the report, it tells your chances of getting pregnant and what may affect your chances. It also suggests you when to see a doctor and what to do next.

Get your fertility report at MyFertility Compass here.


check my fertility

SarahJaneSandy is another free website created by a nutrition therapist and women’s health expert. This website also has a fertility quiz. If you are curious or confused about your fertility, you can get an idea of your fertility health by taking this quiz. It asks you around 20 questions asking about your menstrual cycle, eating habits, drug/alcohol use, etc. It also asks you about your other fertility and sexual health-related questions such as if you have experienced any symptoms or diagnosed with any condition, have you had a miscarriage, etc.

After you complete the quiz, it shows you a detailed report where it explains your results. The report covers various important factors and color code them to tell what all good, where you have to be cautious, and where you have to pay attention now.

How fertile Am I? Find out with this quiz here.


check my fertility

Opionato is a free website created with a goal to democratize fertility information. This website has a free Fertility Assessment Quiz that provides information and understanding about your fertility. This quiz has 18 questions where it asks some basic information along with sexual health queries about you and your partner. It asks since when you are trying to get pregnant, whether you had any fertility treatments, and other information about your menstrual cycle, etc. When you finish the quiz, this website generates a fertility report based on your answers and emails it to you.

Take this quiz to check your fertility here.


fertility quiz

VeryWellFamily is an award-winning website where you can find information and reliable advice about pregnancy and parenting. This website offers a quiz to check whether your fertility is at risk or not. The quiz has 12 questions where you have to select the answers for yourself from the given options. These questions cover your sexual life and health, menstrual cycles, any diseases or past treatments, alcohol consumption, and miscarriage. When you answer all the questions, it tells you whether you have infertility risk or not.

Take this quiz to check your fertility here.


fertility checker

RMANJ is the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey with a goal of patient-focused fertility treatment. You can take a fertility quiz on their official website to fact-check your fertility health. This fertility quiz has 12 Yes/No type questions. It asks your age, are you having difficulty in getting pregnant, have experienced any miscarriage, etc. along with fertility, health history, and menstrual cycle related questions. After each question, it shows you a factual information or health tips related to that question. This quiz doesn’t give you any report, instead, it gives you some information about fertility and reasons that can affect it. It also gives you an option to book an appointment with a professional.

Here is a link to check your fertility by taking this simple quiz.

Closing Words:

By taking these simple quizzes, you can easily fact-check your fertility. This way, you can be aware of your sexual health and take precautions on time.

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