3 Free Shark Tank Valuation Calculator to Calculate Business Value

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For anyone who has not watched the Shark Tank series, the main premise of the Shark Tank TV series is that the investors (Sharks) are the ones that will be investing money and the entrepreneurs (pitching their business) need to pitch their business to these sharks so that they invest in their business. The entrepreneurs have to explain their business to the sharks along with the business valuation. Then a deal is to be made between the sharks and the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs generally tend to present high valuations of their business while the Sharks tend to counter it with lower assessments.

The process of valuation of the business that is pitched during the show varies, but a good company valuation depends on some important parameters such as revenue, earnings, value of the competitors and more. In exchange for giving up a stake in the establishment, the entrepreneurs get funding as well as access to the Sharks, their network of contacts, suppliers, business experience and acumen and more.

On the other hand, how the Sharks find the amount to be invested in the company and determine the ownership percentage that will be considered finally boils down to forecasting the revenues, earnings and more and applying a valuation to the company.

In this article we will be presenting 3 Shark Tank Valuation Calculators that enable you to compute the Business Value of the Company.

1. Shark Tank Deal Calculator

This is a very simple and free website to calculate the Business Valuation in Shark Tank Deals. All that you need to do is input the Cash Wanted (Investment) and the Percentage of Equity that is being offered. The Business Value will be computed instantly and displayed on the screen.

Click here to navigate to Shark Tank Deal Calculator.

Shark Tank Deal Calculator

2. Shark Tank Business Valuation Calculator

Let’s move to another simple Business Valuation Calculator for Shark Tank Deals. Like the earlier website, simply input the Investment value and the Investor’s Equity in the corresponding fields and the Pre-Money Valuation as well as Post-Money Valuation will be instantly displayed. The Pre-Money Valuation indicates the value of a company before receiving any external funding while the latter denotes the company’s worth after the receipt of any funding.

To navigate to Shark Tank Business Valuation Calculator, click here.

Shark Tank Business Valuation Calculator

3. Startup Valuation Calculator

This is the final one in the list of Business Valuation Calculators for Shark Tank Deals. All that you are required to do is input the required investment in the ‘Fundings’ field and choose whether the value is on Lakhs or Crores. Next type the Equity Percentage that is being offered and click on ‘Calculate Valuation’. You will find that the Company Valuation will be instantly presented at the top of the page.

Click here to visit Startup Valuation Calculator.

Startup Valuation Calculator

Closing Comments:

You can go ahead and use any of the above free websites to compute the Business Valuation in Shark Tank Deals. All of them obviously require the value of the Investment and the Equity offered to make the necessary calculations.

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