5 Free Online Buyer Persona Generator Websites

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A Buyer Persona functions as a resource for visually representing and defining the target audience for a product or service and is created after in-depth research, analysis and observations. Similar to a User Persona that characterizes the end user of your products, a Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional depiction of your perfect customer.

Buyer personas are meticulously developed through comprehensive market research, drawing upon real data sourced from your existing customer base. These personas can assume diverse formats, but they commonly appear as multi-page templates that emphasize essential aspects of the persona, including their motivations, needs, aspirations, objectives, and more. In this article, we will explore 5 free websites that will enable you to generate Buyer Personas easily and quickly.

1. Semrush

This is a that is popularly used for keyword research, competitive analysis, content marketing, site audits, backlink tracking, and comprehensive online visibility insights. It also offers a wide variety of templates for various purposes including SEO Content, Buyer Personas and more. Follow the provided link below to design your personas to better understand your customers and build empathy.

Click on the button ‘Create your own Buyer Personas’, choose a profile picture that resembles your customers and then click on the template that you wish. Each customizable template has a preset number of fields that suit a specific business model. Next fill in all the fields based on the template that you have chosen. You can click on the ‘Add Tile’ button at the top right to insert several different types of additional blocks into the persona if you wish to add your own fields.

Once you are through with the creation of the Buyer Persona, click on ‘Save & Share’, copy the web link and share the persona with whomever you like.

Click here to navigate to Semrush Buyer Persona Generator.

Semrush Buyer Persona Generator

Semrush Buyer Persona Generator

2. HubSpot – Make my Persona

This is a great tool from HubSpot that allows you to make a Buyer Persona that your entire company can use. Just click on the link that we have provided below to use this tool.

Begin by choosing a name and an avatar to humanize your buyer persona. You must consider assigning a name keeping the industry in mind so that it is easier to remember. In the next few pages you must input their Demographic details, Business details, Career information, Characteristics of the job, Tools they use to do their job, and their Consumption habits. At the end of the above process the Buyer Persona will be displayed on the screen.

You can add a new section to the person by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom. Click on the ‘Color Scheme’ button to pick a different color theme for the persona. When you are satisfied with the persona, click on the ‘Download / Export’ button at the top right and save it in your system for further use.

Click here to navigate to Make my Persona from HubSpot.

HubSpot - Make my Persona

HubSpot - Make my Persona

3. Rockcontent Interactive Persona Generator

Let’s now move on to the next Buyer Persona Generator that can deliver you tailored solutions and increase the chances of closing better deals. Click on the link that we have given below to navigate to this tool.

Click on the button ‘Build your Persona’ and in the subsequent screens, fill in all the details and description on the screen such as Name of the Persona, Personal details like Age, Income, Education level etc, Name & Size of the company, Job title, Responsibilities, Pain points experienced, Technologies used and more. Finally, click ‘Get my Persona’ in the last screen to preview it and then click on ‘Download’ button to download it to your system in PDF format.

To navigate to this Interactive Persona Generator, click here.

Rockcontent Interactive Persona Generator

Rockcontent Interactive Persona Generator

4. Involve.me

This is yet another Buyer Persona Generator that you can use.

Click on Let’s start’, choose the Avatar that represents your ideal customer, input the Name, Age and other Personal details, Social networks that they use, Pain points or the problems that need to be solved for the Persona, Objectives, Measure of success and more. Finally, you must enter your Name and Email address and click on the button ‘Show my Persona’ to preview it on the screen. A copy of the Buyer Persona is also sent to the email address that you specified in the last step.

Click here to navigate to Involve.me Persona Generator

Involve Me

5. Buyer Persona Generator from studiowide.co.uk

You can download and utilize this Buyer Persona generator in Excel format to craft profiles for the various buyer personas within your target audience, enabling you to analyze data for up to 9 of your key customers.

Start by identifying your top customers based on revenue generation and then use the ‘Questionnaire’ tab, to fill in as much data about them as you can. Next, using the ‘Fill Color function’ you can group similar cells together and use these similarities as the basis for developing your buyer personas.

Commence the process by identifying your top customers based on revenue generation. Next, utilize the ‘Questionnaire’ tab to input as much information as possible about them. Then, employ the ‘Fill Color function’ to group cells with shared characteristics, using these similarities as the foundation for crafting your buyer personas.”

Furthermore, within the Excel file, you’ll find additional tabs (sheets) offering predefined Personas, including Owner, Manager, Director, and more. These options empower you to establish fictional profiles for each of these roles, aiding in the communication of buyer persona details to your team and offering valuable insights into your buyers’ demographics, behaviors, and preferences.

Click here to download this Buyer Persona Generator.

Buyer Persona Template from Studiowide Buyer Persona Template from Studiowide

Closing Comments:

Buyer personas are valuable because they allow you to categorize different customer categories that your business seeks to attract. When you comprehend and appreciate the diverse motivations, goals, and behaviors of your target audience, you can enhance the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

You can employ any of the websites mentioned earlier to automatically create Buyer Personas. It’s essential to invest some time in exploring each of these platforms and determine which ones provide the tools that align best with your specific needs.

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