5 Free Dream Interpretation Websites to Know What your Dreams Mean

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Human beings spend one-third of their lives in sleep during which we are in dreams most of the times. Researchers have proved that dreams are very crucial for our health and general well-being. They are a vital link with our subconscious mind and may point towards some suppressed emotions or our deepest fears and cravings. Sometimes, dreams provide encouragement and inspiration for certain ideas and creative works that we can accomplish in our lives.

But there is one very important question that arises. Since dreams are often confusing and you are left pondering over what is indicated by them, how could you really figure out what exactly they meant so you could reflect on them.

Fortunately, there are dozens of websites on the world wide web that could be of help to understand, analyze and interpret your dreams. Many of them may be outdated or simply marketing gimmicks meant to sell some services. Hence, we have reproduced below a list of 5 best free sites that you can use to understand the meaning and symbolism of your dreams as well as what is going on in your subconscious mind.

1. Driary

Driary works like a digital diary and helps you understand and interpret your dreams and deep feelings using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is based on a journal and diary system using which people can share their dreams with others and receive insights and feedback from those who may have experienced identical dreams.

Just type a few words describing your dream in plain English language and click on ‘Please Explain’. Driary uses its AI algorithms and tries to interpret the dream using the feedback that may have been shared by other people.

You can also browse through the shared experiences by other dreamers to check if you have dreamt the same and try to understand what it symbolizes.

Click here to navigate to Driary


2. Dream Bible

This is an A to Z dictionary of dream terms and symbols. It is different from the other dream websites and has been developed after extensive research and questioning people about their dream symbols (images that you subconsciously create in your dreams) and the events that took place in ones life when these dreams occurred.

Dreambible has a database of over 350,000 dream reports to learn more about what your dreams mean. In terms of dream dictionaries, it can be said to be one of the most practical ones.

Simply navigate to DreamBible, type your dream symbol in 1 – 2 words, click on ‘Search Dictionary’ and go through the results to try to find out what your dreams mean. Alternatively, you can click on any alphabet to read all the dream symbols beginning with it if you prefer it that way.

Click here to visit DreamBible.

Dream Bible

Dream Bible

3. DreamLookup

This is yet another website that you can utilize to understand the meaning of your dreams. It brings together resources and dictionaries for dream interpretation and makes it quite easy for users to find meaningful explanations of visions, symbols, events and more that they may have experienced in their dreams.

The database of this website has been created from highly authentic and respected sources that include original studies in dream psychology by famous authors and some translated content of mysticism all in one place.

The working is the same as the earlier websites. Just type a few words and click on any one of the options that matches closest to your dream. Click on ‘Look up’ and the results will be displayed almost instantaneously that you can read carefully and understand the meaning of your dreams.

To head towards Dreamlookup, click here.



4. What your Dream means

This is yet another website that can help you to understand the meaning of your Dreams. It has been developed by Lauri who is a Certified Dream Analyst, a popular columnist and author.

All that you need to do is type a few words describing your dream imagery, symbols etc in the space provided and click on ‘Interpret my Dream’. Go through the search results to find out which of them matches the events that you may have experienced in your dream and try to understand the deep significance and insight into it.

Click here to visit ‘What your Dream means’.

What your dream means 1

What your dream means 1

5. Dream Dictionary

This website provides a complete translated dictionary with numerous carefully interpreted Dream symbols that you can use to understand the meaning of your dreams.

The process remain the same. Just type your dream symbols in a few words in the space provided and tap Enter. Browse through the search results and see which of them matches and corresponds with the images that you may have seen in your dream. Click on ‘Read more’ below each explanation once you find a match.

You can also click on any alphabet below the search bar to read all the dream symbols beginning with it if that is how you like it.

Click here to visit Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary Dream Dictionary

Since different people experience different dreams which may entail diverse meanings and explanations, you must go through all the websites above to come to some conclusion as to how you can interpret your dream. My preference will be Driary, the first website in the list as it uses AI and comes very close to defining the meaning of dreams. What about you?

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