Display Live Moon Phase and Space Images on Chrome New Tab for Free: Spatium

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Spatium is a Free Google Chrome Extension that displays beautiful Space Images along with information of your current Sky Map location on every new tab that you open. Additionally Spatium also provides information about sunrise, sunset, moon phases and their countdown and more based on your current location.

The following are the Features offered by Spatium:

  1. Space Imagery: A mesmerizing image of the universe including pictures of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae etc are displayed right on your browser tab.
  2. Sun Widget: Obtain the timings of sunrise, sunset, twilight etc. for your location along with an easy countdown.
  3. Moon Widget: Find out the real time phase of the moon for your location along with countdown to important phases such as New / Full Moon, First quarter, Last quarter, etc. as well as illumination details of the surface of the Moon.
  4. Inspiration: Receive a daily quote from a curated list and get inspired by one of the most intelligent people in History.

Immediately after the installation, your browser will prompt for permission to show your most visited sites but this is optional and can be denied. If permission is granted your browsing history is stored locally and data is kept safe. You can withdraw the permission at any time using the ‘Most visited sites’ toggle button.

How it Works:

1. Download and install Spatium using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Click on the Extensions icon and run the Spatium Extension.

3. Choose whether you wish to grant permission to Spatium to show your most visited sites. This permission can be withdrawn any time.

Show Most Visited Sites

4. Now whenever you open a new Browser Tab, the Spatium Extension will display some breathtaking and beautiful imagery along with information about it at the bottom left of the page. Clicking on it will take you to the source of the imagery with detailed information, credits and more. This image is changed once every 24 hours. Long pressing the space bar will temporarily take away the side panel and widgets so that the user can admire the space image.

Spatium page with most visited sites
Spatium page with Most Visited Sites
Spatium page without most visited sites
Spatium page without Most Visited Sites

5. The Sun / Moon Widgets with all the details described in the Feature list above, are displayed at the top right of the Spatium page.

6. A daily inspirational quote along with the current Time will be shown at the center of the page.

7. You can click on the Spatium icon at the top left of the page and choose to switch on / off the Widgets, Clock, Quotes etc. as per your requirement.

Widget on / off toggle buttons

Final Comments:

After testing the Spatium Extension, I found that it works well and is really a good tool for people who are interested and amazed by Space Photography, astronomical details of the Sun, Moon etc.

Click here to download Spatium Google Chrome Extension.

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