Windows 8 Word Search Game: Word Search Mania!

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Word Search Mania! is a Windows 8 Word Search Game. In this game, your aim is to find words from the given matrix of words. There are two modes to play the game, and both offer a different gameplay.

There are a number of categories available to play the game. There are five different difficulty types to play this game. The game has a large database of words, which will ensure that you are enriching your knowledge base and at the same time having fun as well.

Word Search Mania is freely available in the games category of the Windows Store.

Word Search Mania!

Playing this Windows 8 Word Search Game

On the main landing page of the game, the options to define the game type that you want to play, will be shown.

Word Search Mania!- Main screen


There are 8 different categories available to play this game. Some of the categories that are available are: Animals, Foods, Adjectives, Foods, to more complex ones like Business.


There are two different modes to play this game: Standard and Survival.

  • Standard: In the standard mode, a group of words would be given to you. You have to find these words from among the matrix of letters that will be given to you. The overall time you take to find these words will be counted.
    Word Search Mania!- Standard

    The feature of this mode is that you can take as much time as is required to find the words. The time won’t run out on you. When you have formed all the words that have been shown to you, the game will end. The time you have taken, and the best time ever taken to complete the game will be shown to you. Along with that, the options to restart the same game, and the option to choose the category would also be shown to you.
  • Survival: In the survival mode to play the game, you have to complete the game within a stipulated time.
    Word Search Mania!- Survival
    As you start the game, you would be given a single word at a time. 30 seconds would be given to you in the beginning. It will begin from 30 and go to Zero. As you find the word, extra time shall be credited to you. This will continue until you reach a point when you are unable to find the word in the given time. At the end, the number of words you have found would be shown to you.


Five main difficulty types are available to choose from. They are: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. All the five difficulties vary on the basis of the letters present in the matrix, that is, the number of rows and columns. The amount of time that is gained when we find a word in the survival mode also increase with the difficulty increase.

Gameplay and controls

You have to drag an entire word to select it. If it matches, the word will be cancelled from the list. You can drag your mouse to select, or can use the touch pad of your laptop to select. In touch enabled mobile devices finger touch would help. One thing to remember here is that the word will be selected only if you start from its initial letter.

Word Search Mania!- Game

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My Verdict

According to me, Word Search Mania! is a nice Windows 8 Word Search Game. It will give you the capability to have fun and  enrich your knowledge base with new words every time for your vocabulary. Do try it for sure!

Get Word Search Mania! here

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