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PressReader is a website that lets you read print versions of newspapers and magazines from around the world. PressReader is a freemium web service which provides you with front page content of newspapers it provides. The rest of the pages are locked and you have to pay for them. Alternatively you can read them for free at sponsored hotspots near you. You can look for the nearest ones using a map PressReader provides.

The news are laid out in a very easy to read side-scrolling interface. You’ll also get to read user opinions and comments thrown in-between news articles. Accessibility of the articles can be made easier with the help of narration option and a separate page view. News items can be translated in different languages too. Additionally, users can rate news items with thumbs up or thumbs down. If the article seems important and you want to keep it, the article can be bookmarked.


Let’s see what this news reader website brings us. If you’d like to try out more such services which bring you the latest news on your laptops or mobile devices, make sure you check out these 5 free news apps for Windows 8.

How to Read Newspapers and Magazines Online:

Opening PressReader for the first time will provide you a green-white themed interface where the front page news have been articulated. You can browse through them by scrolling sideways using your mouse wheel or the scroll arrow on the sides.  To expand the news, click on the green arrow on the bottom of an article.


Its very easy to read for a particular newspaper or magazine using this website. Let’s say you want to read print version of USA Today. You can search for USA today in the search bar or browse it in the Publications. When you open it you’ll be directed to the page view mode where you’ll find the first page of USA today’s print. You can turn on ‘Listen’ to listen to the narration of the news if you are busy with another task and would like to hear the news. Users can bookmark it with the bookmark button if you think the article is important. The news can be shared on various social platforms too. Just click the Share button to do that. You can read a lot of well known newspapers on PressReader, namely Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, etc.

On the main feed, users can add comments at the end of the article and rate the news with Bump It (Thumbs Up) or Dump It (Thumbs down).  One can filter out a topic and create email alerts under My Topics on the left panel too.

How to Read Locked/Paid Content with Sponsored Access on PressReader

sponsored access

As I said earlier, PressReader is a freemium news reader website where the only front page of the newspaper is available to read. To read the rest of it, you’ll have to pay up. But there is another way to read them without payment and that involves finding a sponsored access hub near your location. Thankfully that is easy using the Hubspot Map on PressReader. You’ll get locations of PressReader sponsored access hubspots on the map along with their addresses. You can read various magazines and newspaper under Publications on the left.

Final words

I found PressReader to be a very useful website with various accessibility options that can help people all around the world to enjoy the morning newspaper on the screen. You can also read various viewpoints on the same news with all the newspapers that PressReader aggregates. It isn’t just a simple newsreader with a couple of functions. Users can add email alerts for a particular topic too. I award this news reader website with 5 stars.

Try PressReader here.

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