Plink: Create epic music together with friends and strangers

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Plink is a free online multiplayer to generate Epic Music together with friends and strangers. It has been developed by Dinahmoe Labs and lets you jam with anyone from any corner of the world to make music in real-time.

Plink also provides the option of creating a Private Room so that you can individually create and conceive your music if that is what you desire. Additionally, after creating your Private Room you can invite your friends and team members to it by sharing the room link so that you can jam together.

How it Works:

1. Simply navigate to Plink by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Click on Private Room if you wish to create Epic music individually or invite your friends to work together.

Go Private

3. If you choose to create your own Private Room, you must select a name for your Jam and a Plinker name. Click on Randomize to go on generating as many random names as you like. Once you are happy with a particular name, click on ‘Continue’.

Jam name

Plinker name

4. Next, you can invite your friends to join your Private room by copying the Room link (URL) and sending it to them or sharing it via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In case you do not wish to share the room, you can go ahead and create your music independently.

Share private room

5. Click on ‘Lets play now’ in Step 2 above if you wish to Jam with strangers across the world.

6. Pick an instrument by clicking on any one of the colored boxes at the left-hand side. Once you have selected the instrument, click, and move your mouse wherever you want to generate the music in real-time. Try to experiment with different types of instruments to hear how they play.

Create individual music

7. In case of multiple players, each player can select his / her own instrument and click-move the mouse independent of the other players. The combined effort of all the players helps create a wonderful and mesmerizing Epic music experience.

Create music together

Jam with strangers

8. To exit the player, click on the icon at the top right of the page.

Closing Comments:

Plink offers a wonderful and intuitive way to create Epic music together with friends or strangers from any corner of the globe. The process is very simply without any hassles. I feel this Plink, is a great tool for simple music creation with fun and frolic.

Click here to navigate to Plink and unleash the artist in you.

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