Online Plagiarism Checker to Find Content Theft on Your Website

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This article covers an online plagiarism checker to find content theft on your website. Plagiarism is a problem on the internet, there are lots of copycats that stealing quality content from genuine sources. Getting your content copied hundreds of times affects the SERP ranking of your pages. One solution to get rid of copycats is via Google copyright removal forms but this becomes tedious when there are hundreds and thousands of copies of your original content.

Plagia Shield is an online plagiarism checker that helps you fight content theft on the internet. This tool runs a plagiarism check on your website and finds the pages and domains that stole your content. Then you can check those pages and domains yourself.

Online Plagiarism Checker to Find Content Theft on Your Website

In the case of pages, you get a link to the page where your stolen content is published along with a screenshot of common content. From there, you can compute the DMCA and prepares DMCA forms to take down the stolen content. Whereas, in the case of domains, you get to see how much percentage of your content is stolen by a website. From there, you can classify a domain for content theft and get the personalized email template that you can send to the domain owner asking for the takedown.

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Find Content Theft on Your Website

To find content theft on your website, go to the Plagia Shield website and sign up for an account. The free plan offers you to check up to 500 pages of a single domain for plagiarism. You can extend this limit with a premium that suits your needs.

find content theft on your webite

After creating an account, add your domain to start to check for content theft. When you add the domain, this tool takes a moment to crawl your website and finds the number of pages for the check. Then, you can start monitoring; it starts analyzing your website and shows you percentage progress. You get a refresh notification every once in a while, keeping refreshing the page until the scan is complete.


check who is stealing your content

Once the scan is complete, it shows you two types of results; Pages with potential issues on your website and Domains with similar pages. Both results show the number of pages scanned for potential duplicate content. From each section, you can get a complete report on the same.

Pages with Common Content

pages with stolen content

The result for Pages with potential issues on your website lists the URLs to all the pages with common sentences and mentioned the number of common sentences for each. You can click on a URL to see the stats and screenshot of matching content along with a link to the compared page.

generate dmca for copyright

For each page, you get an option to compute DMCAs. Simply click that option and this tool will generate multiple templates of DMCA for you. You can copy the information from there and file complaints for copyright infringements.

Domains with Common Content

faulty domains with stolen content

The results for Domains with similar content show you a list of domains that has similar content to your website. The list gives you the percentage of common content along with number of pages with common content.

send email for stolen content takedown

From the list, you can get the details on each website. The details show you stats for the duplicate content and list all the pages with URLs. For each page, you get the same stats as in the page result e.g. stats and screenshot of common content with links. From here, you can mark a domain duplicate and get a customized email template ready to send. You can send that email to the domain owner asking to take down the stolen content.

Closing Words

Plagia Shield makes it easy to fight content theft on the internet. It finds the copycats, fraudulent domains, and helps you protect your content. Instead of filling hundreds of copyright removal forms with Google, you can use this tool and start getting rid of content thefts.

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