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BeeBee.AI is an AI-based tool that analyses the Earnings Calls transcripts and Financial Reports of S&P 500 and other high-profile companies and provides deep financial analysis for a single or multiple consecutive quarters. Due to this, it becomes relatively easy for normal persons, routine investors and more to interpret financial reports and earnings calls and get key insights into the performance of companies.

All that you need to do is choose the company from the available list, and the specific quarter (or quarters) and BeeBee.AI will pull the Earnings Calls and Financial data for you along with a thorough analysis and the possible questions that can be asked to gain more perception.

BeeBee.AI comprises of three major modules as follows:


This module offers the possible questions that investors can come up with to obtain key insights about the companies. The system automatically generates the questions based on the meeting record and repeatedly suggests additional queries as the conversations flows ahead. This leads to an exhaustive understanding of the complete meeting record.

Users who are involved in further deep thinking have the liberty to type their own questions and get specific insights. Additionally, they can save any useful insights that they come across from their own queries and can share them with others as an intellectual achievement.

Analysis: The Auto-Analysis Module is the main segment of this tool and provides a detailed analysis of the companies including R & O, Summary, Key numbers, Analyst’s questions, Sentiment, Strategies and more. All the above are evaluated after going through earnings calls transcripts and financials of the companies. This helps you to gain financial insights without any jargon or terms that investors may not understand.

Mind Map: After interpreting the complete text of the earnings calls and financials, BeeBee.AI automatically generates a framework styled mind map as an outline for the users to go through the full text.


1. Click on this link to navigate to BeeBee.AI and sign in using your Google credentials to register for a free account.

2. Click on the ‘Company Name’ field and choose one from the list. Next, choose the Quarter to pull the earnings calls and financials and click on the ‘Go’ button.

Company name and quarter

3. This will bring you to the Dashboard that houses the three modules that we have explained above.

BeeBee dashboard

4. By default, the Earnings Calls transcripts for the chosen quarter will be shown in the left pane. If you wish to see the Financials, click on the ‘View financial’ dropdown and choose the Quarter to get the financial reports for that duration.

Earnings call

Financial reports

5. The ‘Chat’ in the right pane offers you the suggested questions depending on the meetings records. You can click on any question to use it and then press Enter to generate the answers on the screen as well as get further questions to continue the conversation.

Suggested questions

Conversation flow

6. Alternatively, you can type your own queries to gain specific insights about certain aspects of the companies.

7. Click on the ‘Analysis’ tab to navigate to that module. Next, click on the drop-down list and choose the study that you require such as R & O, Key numbers, Sentiment and more. You can click on any passage in the analysis and BeeBee.AI will display the respective section in the Earnings Call (left pane) from where the information has been extracted.



8. To go to the Mind Map module, click on the corresponding tab in the right pane. You can use the button at the bottom left of the pane to switch between the Mind Map and Outline view.

Mind map


9. In the Mind Map view, you can use the button at the bottom right of the pane to fold / unfold the Mind Map so that you can go through with clarity.

Fold Unfold mind map

Closing Comments:

BeeBee.AI is a great tool to analyze high-profile public companies using their earnings calls transcripts and financial reports. The Chat module is very handy to get ready queries that can be used to gain specific insights into certain aspects of the companies. The Mind Map module provides a great outline for the users to systematically browse through the entire text.

Go ahead and use the tool to make informed investment decisions for yourself and others. Click here to navigate to BeeBee.AI.

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