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Tasarla is an amazing free online application that recommends fonts based on your choices and preferences and subsequently allows you to try that font.

Selection of fonts is often a challenging and daunting task for UI / UX designers and all other people involved in creative works. Often, it becomes difficult to choose the right one based for your brand and project promotion from a list of thousands of fonts that are available for the work. This is where Tasarla is trying to carve out a niche for itself and tries to simplify things on design related issues.

Tasarla allows you to choose how Formal and Modern you wish the font to appear by assigning a specific value to it. You can then specify a maximum of 3 tags defining the font style such as Creative, Traditional, Elegant, Minimal and more. In the end, you can optionally select a brand category for which you require the font. The Font Engine of Tasarla now takes all the inputs that you provided and suggests some fonts for you based on all the preferences. You can then go ahead, type a few words and visualize how they appear in the suggested Fonts real-time.

How it Works:

1. Head towards Tasarla by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Choose the Formality and Modernity level of the Font by adjusting the sliders. The allowed values are in the range of 1 to 6.

Formality and Modernity

3. Select a maximum of 3 tags from the drop down that define the font style such as Friendly, Fun, Youthful etc.

Font style and Brand Category

4. From the last drop-down identify and select a category that best defines your brand like Tech companies, Food and Beverage, Social media sites and more.

5. Click on ‘Suggest’ and the Tasarla font engine will suggest some fonts for you based on your choices above.

Font Engine 1

6. Type a few words in the space provided and click on the back and front arrow marks to visualize how the text appears in the various fonts. You can also use your mouse wheel to move back and forth between different fonts.

Font Engine 2

7. Once you are satisfied with a certain font, click on the ‘Link’ icon to navigate to the website from where you can download and install the selected font like Google Fonts, Dafont etc.

Final comments:

Tasarla, which means ‘design’ in the Turkish language, is a really cool tool when it comes to suggesting fonts based on your preferences of styles and brand categories. It is extremely handy for creative designers and artists in making the correct choices quickly and easily.

To try Tasarla, click here.

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