Free Email Spam Checker with Heat Map Prediction

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This article covers a free email spam checker with heat map prediction. On this website, we have covered different types of spam checker tools to check email subject line for spamcheck cold emails for spam, and more. Today, I’m covering an advanced email tester and spam checker tool for email reputation and deliverability.

UnSpam Email is a free online tool where you can check your email address and email copy for spam. It tests the aspects like Sender Policy Framework, Domain Keys Identified Mail, DMARC, Reverse DNS, Broken Links & Short URLs, etc. for accessibility. Along with that, it also predicts an eye-tracking heatmap for attention and clarity. Let’s check it out in more detail.

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Free Email Spam Checker with Heat Map Prediction

check your email for spam

This tool is absolutely free to use although you do have to create an account to access it. Once done, it gives you an email address where you have to send your email copy. Use the original sender address that you plan to use for the email campaign. After sending the email, click on the View Results button and wait a few minutes for it to fetch the results.

UnSpam Score

free email spam check

In the results, this tool gives your email an UnSpam score based on the following tests:

  • Domain Blacklists
  • IP Blacklists
  • SPF Record
  • DKIM signed
  • DMARC authentication
  • Reverse DNS
  • List-Unsubscribe header
  • Domain Suffix
  • Domain Age
  • HTML Body Best Practices
  • Subject Line
  • Accessibility Checking
  • Broken Links
  • Body Blacklists
  • Short URL

The can also check out the result of each of these test separately where you get to read the significance of the tests. This also generates a preview of your email to make sure your email looks perfect on different platforms.

Heatmap Prediction

free email heat map prediction

Along with the spam checker, this tool also predicts eye-tracking heatmaps for your email. It generates two types of heatmaps:

  • Attention Map: A production of user eye-tracking for engaging parts of the email.
  • Clarify Heatmap: A heatmap that suggests the cluttered design area which can be improved.

Closing Words

UnSpam Checker runs various advanced tests to check whether your email might land in the spam folder. The test results are well-detailed where you can understand the problem and take measures to fix that. The heatmap is a nice addition that can help you improve the clarity of your email and thus get better engagement.

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